September Newsletter 2021

Dear CHGC members,
We had a good meeting Wednesday September 1st, and here is a recap for everyone who couldn’t make it:

August was an expensive month for us as several bills came due. These included materials to upgrade
the indoor pistol range, repairs for the clubhouse, and a truckload of clay targets for the shotgun ranges.
These expenses were planned for and budgeted, so the club remains in good financial condition.

Work has begun on the cover for the 22-silhouette range. The adjacent ranges will remain open while
work is progressing on the 22 range, but please be mindful to stay out the worker’s way.

Work is also progressing on the indoor pistol range. We expect to be able to reopen the indoor range
around the end of September/first of October, so we should be just in time for cooler weather.

The board is looking into several upgrades to the club website and orientation processes for new and
renewing members. We will make sure to keep everyone informed as we get new details.

We have noticed some potential issues that need addressed:
 Rifle cartridges are not approved for use on the outdoor pistol bays and steel targets, even if
fired from a handgun. This includes rounds like the 5.7×28 and all bottleneck cartridges.
In addition, pistol cartridges fired from a carbine or rifle (including 22LR) are also not permitted
on the pistol ranges. These cartridges and firearms are permitted on the multi-purpose range.
 Speaking of the multi-purpose range, it is worth noting that all targets used on that range should
be placed directly in front of the berm. If you would like to shoot at closer ranges, please move
the firing line closer to the berm.
 Rocks are not targets, nor are they target holders. Rocks on the range are a ricochet hazard and
should be removed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Ray Tracy
President, Cedar hills Gun Club.