September Newsletter 2017

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of September 6, 2017

Members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, James Martin, Ron Weaver, Jake Black, David Davids, Larry Taylor, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, and Chris Jenneiahn.

Treasurer’s Report: James reported that we have $48, 000 in the bank.
Committee Reports: All ranges are up and running pretty smoothly. The upper range could use more dirt, according to chairman, David Davids. Jake Black said that gravel for the upper range and sporting clays is needed. The new targets were placed in the pistol bays and it is noted that signs will be posted telling everyone that they are not to be moved from where they were placed. Mike Katseanes reported earlier this month that damage to a bullet trap was done by an individual who did not sign in or sign out , did not report what caliber and how much he/she shot or the time he/she was in the indoor range. PLEASE LOOK AT THE CALIBERS LISTED FOR THIS RANGE!!!! Sign in and Out as required!
The need for a chairman for the lower range was announced. Terry will visit with Tim Jenneiahn and Greg Balsmeier and see how they want to handle this range.
Gate Damage: Most people who entered the range tonight as well as people visiting the range the past few weeks have noticed that our mechanical gate is not functioning properly. The damage was caused by a non member as he was exiting the range after being allowed access by a member. He was honest enough to call and report that he damaged the gate and his insurance covered the cost of repair. However, please remember that this is a MEMBERS ONLY CLUB. If you bring a guest to the range, please make sure that your guest is with you, not off on his/her own. YOU are responsible for a guest’s behavior on the range. DO NOT OPEN THE GATE FOR ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW.

Annual Sight-In-Day- The date for the annual sight in day is Saturday, September 23rd. Non members as well as members can bring in their rifles or pistols to sight in. The time will be 9AM to 3PM. Help will be needed for this. THE LOWER COVERED RANGE IS CLOSED TO EVERYONE EXCEPT THOSE SIGHTING IN.!!!!

The Master Plan for Cedar Hills Gun Club is on target and then some. We have several of the items for 2018 already accomplished. Congratulations to those who helped make this possible!!!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:36.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary