October Newsletter 2016

Cedar Hills Gun Club

Minutes of October 5, 2016

Board members present: Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Bill Kelleher, Stuart McKim, Jeff Blain, Mike Layng, Gene Davids, and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was opened at 7PM by Vice President Terry Hansen.

A “Thank You” note was delivered to the board for the $250 donation to the Distinguished Young Women group.

Mt. West requested the use of the clubhouse, trap range, and possibly the indoor 5 Stand range if it is completed by then, for November 18th. This is their annual company family range day. This was granted.

Treasurer’s Report: Rod Cross distributed the expense and income figures for September. He reported that the last Fun Shoot netted $414.

NEEDED: We are looking for a volunteer who has expertise in winterizing water. If someone has experience in doing this, please contact Jed Taylor or Chris Jenneiahn so we can have an idea of how much would be involved in this project.

All Board and Committee Chairmen: a meeting has been called for Wed., the 19th at 7 PM at the clubhouse.

Committee Reports: Upper Range: David Davids reported that dirt is still needed on this range and there is still a problem with shooting on the upper and lower range at the same time. Another issue is that the 1.000 yd. target has no deflectors. They also need more 6” or 8” targets. This will be board meeting item. Lower Range: Mike reported that the gongs need to be checked. Height to the berms is also needed. Pistol Range: Travis has appraised us of the dueling tree in the second bay needing repair. He substituted his plate rack for this for now. Trap: Bill said they are continuing to shoot on Thursday nights as long as the weather holds. Sporting Clays: Jake reported that all of the sporting clays traps were brought down and put up for the season. 5 Stand: The sage brush in front of the building was removed by about 16 workers provided by the Sheriff’s department. Calendar: Larry has now put the times as well as the ranges being used by groups reserving ranges. He also had new signs made stressing eye and ear protection required. These will be posted on the various ranges. Web page: Terry said he is trying to keep everything up to date.

Old Business: 1. Member appreciation dinner- A huge THANK YOU to Allison Geisler for heading up this event. Approximately 50 people attended. The food was great, the pig spectacular, the tables and chairs in the clubhouse were well used, and the band and vocalists provided by Jed were great! If you were unable to attend this one, be sure to put next year’s on your calendar! 2. Money boxes- They are being used! Super! 3. Life memberships- this will be an item for the board meeing. Jake Black threw out an option for all to think about and discuss. It seems that we always need money for great upgrades in our long range plan and we always need money for maintenance. Because of this, he is proposing the board consider eliminating the set-up fee for admission to the club and raise the yearly dues. The board is to consider the following: A. Initial fee, B. Yearly fee, C. a cap on membership, and D. non member fee to be raised. The membership present and the board members thought this should be added to the annual survey . New members were introduced and given an orientation by Stuart.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary