October Newsletter 2021

Dear Cedar hills Gun club Members,

We had a good turnout for this month’s club meeting and I want to pass on a few things of interest.

The club continues in good financial condition and we have begun the process to set the budget for next year.  If you have ideas or requests for upgrades or maintenance items, please take a moment to submit those ideas.  You can email James directly or send an email through the club website and we will make sure they are evaluated by the board.  If you are willing and able to help with any suggestion, please note that when you submit the idea.  Ideas with member support have an edge when setting the budget.

Our indoor pistol range is once again open.  If you use the range, please remember to sign in on the log.  As a reminder, the only approved cartridges on the indoor range are non-magnum straight-wall pistol cartridges fired from a handgun.  No bottleneck cartridges are allowed, and no pistol caliber carbines in the indoor range.

The work on the 22-silhouette firing line cover is progressing and looks great.  We don’t have a good estimate of when it is expected to be completed, but the progress is undeniable.

The targets in the outdoor pistol bays are showing some wear and we anticipate including funds for repairs and upgrades to these targets in the next budget cycle.  Again, I must emphasize that propping the targets up, especially the dueling trees, with rocks is prohibited.  We are aware that smaller calibers do not reliably flip the dueling trees, but propping them up is a safety hazard.

I am really tired of repeating this message, but we continue to find rocks on the ranges used as targets or target holders.  Rocks are not targets!  Don’t shoot them. Rocks are not target holders, do not use them for that purpose.  Rocks on the lower ranges should be moved to the side berms.  Do not move or shoot rocks on the upper range.

We have received reports of individuals refusing to share the range.  Except in the case of events scheduled on the club calendar, all users must share the range with other shooters.  “Practicing for a tournament” is not an exception to this rule.

Ray Tracy

President, Cedar Hills Gun Club