October Newsletter 2019

President’s Message

Fall is in the air.  The colder temperatures and a few snowflakes remind us that winter is around the corner.  We have had a great summer and often wish it would remain.  But winter comes anyway.  Change has always been part of our lives.  As we look forward and make improvements and changes in our lives, we hope to become better in all that we endeavor.  This reminds me of a quote I once heard and apply to my own personal business and other activities.  “If you are in a river rowing and your goal is to go upstream, you must continue to paddle and struggle in order to progress.  If you were to stop paddling and do nothing, you will only drift in the opposite direction.”  This thought can be used as we look at our Gun Club.  For the past few years there have been many improvements thanks to the support of local businesses and individuals who have donated greatly both in time and also financially.  Just this last year we have made many improvements and have done so on almost every range.

As we continue to press forward toward our goals of improvements and the repeated cost of doing business increasing each year, it was difficult to discuss what the annual dues were to be.  No one takes pleasure in dues being increased, but as one member commented, “If we were to break down our current dues weekly, it is very minimal for what our range has to offer.”  We do have a lot to offer at Cedar Hills Gun Club, now a 12 month a year range rather than a “summertime” range.

The following is what has been discussed and agreed upon by the board of directors with the hope of receiving your support.

Annual dues for 2020 will be $150 and recommended to remain the same for a minimum of 3 years.  The option of a Buddy Pass remains at $25.   Anyone requesting new membership from now, October 9th and before January 1, 2020, will have included the remainder of this year plus 2020 for the new membership amount of $150.  There will no longer be a “set up” fee.  Replacing a gate pass will remain the same at $25.

Membership renewals for 2020 can be completed by the renewal link on the Cedar Hills Gun Club website beginning November 1, 2019.  Members wishing to renew by cash or check are invited to come to a monthly meeting and take care of renewal business there after the meeting, or you may mail your check to the Cedar Hills Gun Club post office box, 1115, Blackfoot, 83221.


Jed Taylor

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes
October 2, 2019

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Mike Curnutt, James Martin, Bill Kelleher, Mike Katseanes, Mike Marquette, David Davids, Larry Taylor, and Chris Jenneiahn

Financial report: We are financially sound.  The board looked over the last month’s financials and approved them.  James reported that the youth shoot held last Saturday was fun for all who came to enjoy our range.  There were 36 shooters who shot Sporting Clays and 28 shooters who shot 5 Stand.  A possible spring shoot was discussed.

David Davids reported that there were many repairs made to the upper range this past month.  This included the gong on the 1,000 yard range and repairs at the firing line.

Outdoor pistol ranges:  Shawn Smith will undertake the role of chairman of these ranges.

Indoor pistol range: Mike Katseanes wants all who shoot on this range to know that it is rated up to 1,100 foot per second for calibers.  Please refer to the lists posted in the range to make sure your pistol qualifies as being able to be used on this range.  He reported that another layer of steel will soon be put up.  Also, remember to clean up when you are finished shooting.

Bill reported that trap is done for the season.  For those who have been certified to use the trap machine, please remember to fill the machine when you are finished.  Remember also to disarm before filling the machine and make sure everything is turned off when you leave.

Sporting Clays- The machines will soon be taken down to the Five Stand range. 7 or 8 stations will remain so anyone who wants to still shoot a partial course may do so.

Calendar- Larry reported that the calendar is up to date.  He mentioned that if someone wants to reserve a range or area, you need to call him at least one day in advance.  Next month we will be posting guidelines for reserving ranges.

New members were introduced and given a short orientation from Terry.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary