October Newsletter 2018

President’s Message

Fall is definitely in the air.  Many of the crops in the area have been harvested.  It is becoming more common to wake up with frost on the ground.  Soon we will be back to Mountain Standard time.  The hunting season is upon us and there are many stories being told and many trophies posted on social media.

The ranges have been very busy recently, especially on weekends.  Please be courteous of other shooters and always take home whatever you bring.

The budget committee has met and extended our 5 year goals for range improvement.  For 2019 we will be concentrating on the multi-purpose range to clean it up and make it more usable.

Many of our range chairmen have worked very hard and put in many hours behind the scenes to keep our ranges clean and usable.  If you see one, please take a minute and let them know how much they are appreciated.

Soon it will be dark and cold.  It will be our goal to keep the clubhouse at 50 degrees to allow use of the indoor bathrooms and facilities.  With this in mind, do not procrastinate to get qualified to shoot in the indoor range.  Night time shotgun shoots will soon begin at the 5 Stand building.

Hopefully your hunts have been successful with many good memories.  If you have a trophy you would like to share, pin a picture on the bulletin board in the club house.

Again, thank you for all your support.  it is exciting to be a member of Cedar Hills Gun Club.

Jed Taylor,

Minutes of October meeting

The meeting was opened at 7:05 by president Jed Taylor.  Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Mike Curnutt, Randy Shiosaki, Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, David Davids, Jake Black, James Martin, and Chris Jenneiahn.

Treasurer’s Report: James reported that we are fiscally sound.  The board approved the financial statements presented earlier for them to read.  We are ahead of where we were at this time last year.
Upper Range report: David reported that he has hung gongs out for folks to shoot.  He is waiting for welding to be accomplished to finish his project.
Lower Range- The lower range looks good, but it will look even better when the first 25 yards of gravel is put in place.
Pistol Ranges- The two 25 yard ranges are in good shape, but the multi use range is in dire need of improvement.  This range will be the board’s focus for next year.
Indoor Range- If you have not taken the time to qualify for this range, now is the time to do so.  The new cipher lock on the door is easy to use.
Trap- Bill reported that they are still shooting trap on Thursday nights and are enjoying the voice activated speakers.
Sporting Clays- Jake reported that the card readers have been working well.  A night league will be starting on Nov. 1st at the 5 Stand building.  There will be two courses of fire, a blue and red course, and there will be 8 throwers for each course.  The lights will be on!!!
Calendar- Larry reported that all is well with the calendar.  Mountain West has the clubhouse, trap and 5 Stand building reserved for November 9th for their company day at the range.  Help would be appreciated for this.
Web site-Terry reported that some things on the web site have been updated, but he still feels he needs to do some additional work.
New Business:
Mickelson’s will be placing 8 concrete barriers to protect our gate and card reader sometime in the next few weeks.  This may require a longer reach for gate admittance, but save damage to the card reader machine and gate.
Membership renewal notices- All cards will be deactivated as of January 1st unless dues are paid by December 31st.  Notices for renewal will be posted in November.  A grace period is given from Jan. 1st until the March meeting.  If you go beyond this time, you will need the re-apply.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary