October Newsletter 2017

Presidents Message
Hunting season is in full swing and the use of the rifle range has increased with the season. Membership continues to grow and overall enjoyment is high.
John Fairchild of Fairchild Construction is a member of our club and has been working to help make our clubhouse worthy of our cold winters. He has insulated the roof of the meeting area and indoor range with R50 insulation. His workers are working on the crawl space underneath the building to insulate the foundation walls. The goal is that by doing this, we can keep the temperature of our clubhouse around 45-50 degrees and allow the water in the clubhouse to remain on and usable. Fairchild construction is donating both their time and materials to make this happen.

The outdoor and indoor pistol ranges have been enjoyed by many members. A strong and quick reminder- PLEASE USE ONLY THE CALIBERS ALLOWED. There is still some abuse using non-authorized calibers (5.7×28 in particular). Damage to the range targets and bullet traps is a result. Do not jeopardize your membership by using these calibers.

The Sporting Clays season is soon coming to an end. Come and check out the new Target Manager system before the end of the season. The trap throwers will be collected and moved to the 5 Stand range beginning October 28th . Hopefully, by November 4th , the indoor 5 Stand range will be up and running.
Thank You,
Jed Taylor President

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of October 4, 2017
Board members present: Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, Jake Black, David Davids, Randy Shiosaki, Stuart McKim, Mike Curnutt, and Chris Jenneiahn.
The meeting was opened by vice president Terry Hansen at 7:05.
Treasurer’s Report: We have approximately $48,000 in our savings and checking accounts.
Annual Sight-In-Day- We had a good day! We appreciate the help we received from our club members.
Committee Reports:
Upper Range- David reported that they had 16 shooters last month. He needs to do some welding and reported that the stand on the east side of the range is missing. If anyone knows where it is, please contact any board member. David commented that October is usually the last match of the year, but there will be a match in November if the weather permits. David has been talking with someone who may get help install a handicap staircase.
Lower Range- It was reported that the lower range gone is gone. The gong that was placed at 300 yards has been removed because of a safety issue. The berms on both sides of the .22 silhouette range needs upgrading. .
22 Range- Chuck reported that they have been shooting outside up until now. He will be spackling the indoor range tonight so it can be painted and ready for use. Richard Bishop offered to help Chuck paint.
Pistol Ranges- Travis Buck reported that the pistol ranges have been going good!!!
Trap- It was reported that trap will continue for 3 or 4 weeks, or until the time change occurs.
Sporting Clays- Jake said that the new card system, EZ pull, is now all set. It will deduct the number of birds thrown from each machine. Anyone who can help move the 16 throwers and help set up the 5 stand course will be welcome to come and help on October 28th. Contact Jake Black if you can help.
Calendar- Larry said all is well with this.
Web- Terry said he is trying to keep the web site up to date.
Someone questioned why there was smoke in the clubhouse when the furnace in the indoor range was used. This needs to be looked into.
Water System- Rod Cross will be asked to contact Giesen to blow out the system for winter.
Old Business:
John Fairchild from Fairchild Construction has blown insulation in the roof of the clubhouse and indoor range. His workers will be insulating the perimeter of the crawl space. This should keep the temperature in the clubhouse between 45 and 48 degrees this winter so the water in the clubhouse will be available and not freeze.

NRA Grant- The NRA grant was sent in last week. We received a notice that we need to send in the ending bank statement from the club, and a final report on the NRA grant that was given in 2005. Chris will look for the records and find out what we can about this.

New members were introduced.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn Secretary