November Newsletter 2022

Dear Cedar Hills Gun Club Members,
Ray Tracy has served the gun club for the past few years as the President. He has put a lot of time and
energy into the club during this time. We appreciate him and his time serving us. Thank you Ray.

This has been a great year for our gun club. We have added many new steel targets on the upper range,
the lower range, and the pistol ranges. We are working on the lighting in the indoor pistol/22 range. The
gate reader and access control system has been updated. New berms have been built on many of the
ranges for continued safety. Thank you for your patience as we work through these improvements.

The website is up and running for renewals for next year.
The membership fee for 2023 is $130.00
The one time set up fee is $65.00
The buddy pass fee is $35.00

The following projects are going to take place over the next few years.
1. On the upper range we will be extending the cover to protect a larger area from the elements so
there can be a staging, cleaning, and equipment storage area. This will allow shooters more
room to take care of equipment off the shooting line.
2. On the multi-purpose range, we will be adding a cover over the firing line.
3. On the two pistol ranges, we will be adding a covering to protect from the elements. These will
be at the back of the range. It will be a prep area and an area to put equipment.
4. A skeet range will be added near the trap range. This will be a new shooting discipline for the
gun club.
To help cover the cost we will be submitting for grants.

Upcoming events to add to your calendars:
 The indoor .22 long rifle silhouette league will be starting Thursday December 1st @ 5pm and
will be on Thursdays through the winter months. The cost for this will be $30.00.
 The indoor 5 Stand building will be open to the public on Thursday nights @ 6pm and
Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

Finally, some housekeeping items. Please remember to pick up your trash. There are garbage cans
around, please use them. Please remember to pick up your empty shotshells and brass. There have been
a few times that people have forgotten this and somebody else had to clean it up. In the bathroom
closest to the indoor pistol/22 range please make sure that the condensation tube from the heater
remains in the sink. If not, it will flood the bathroom floor.

Take time to enjoy the range and be safe. We continue to look for ways to improve the ranges and make
it more enjoyable for all our members.