November Newsletter 2020

Dear Cedar Hills Gun Club members,
Even though our regular membership meeting was cancelled this month, the board of directors did meet
and I want to inform you all of the business conducted:
 While the upgrades planned for the indoor pistol range are delayed, the range has been
returned to service.
 As a reminder, it is unsafe to shoot the steel targets at close range. A group was observed
shooting steel at 10 feet or less! The minimum safe distance is ten yards (30 feet) and more is
 One of the projects we hope to accomplish in the next year is to cover the .22 silhouette firing
line and enhance some of the berms. These projects are in the planning phase and updates will
be made as they are available.
 Mountain West Electric has reserved the clubhouse, trap range, and five-stand building for an
event this Saturday, November 7th from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. The remainder of the range will
still be available, but parking may be limited.
 Many of the sporting clays throwers have been moved down to expand the five-stand course for
the winter. As of right now, there are still 10-stations available on the sporting clays course.
 We will be getting a shipment of clay targets on November 16 and may need help unloading and
organizing them. Anyone wiling to help should contact Jed Taylor.
 The club is looking for some additional help to run the sporting clays/five-stand courses. This
would be a good opportunity for a high school senior or recent graduate to earn some pocket
money. For more information, contact Jed Taylor.
In addition to the above, I would like to remind everyone that it is time to renew our memberships for
2021. The renewal link on the website has been activated and is the most convenient way to renew.
Please remember to renew before January 1st to avoid any potential interruptions in access to the range.

Ray Tracy
President, Cedar Hills Gun Club