November Newsletter 2019

President’s Message

We have gone from fall to winter, then back to fall again, within a short time in November.  It will be interesting to see what this winter will bring to us.  But that is one of the things we love about our great state of Idaho.

There has been much discussion concerning what our membership dues will be for 2020.  A motion was passed in October by majority vote of our board of directors to raise our yearly dues to $150 per year and lock this rate in for 3 years.  With additional input and concerns, a Special Board meeting was called and after much debate, a motion was passed to have the dues set at $110 for membership renewal.  A new applicant’s fee will be $110 plus a $50 set up free.  Those who have already paid at the original set rate will be reimbursed.

As of November 1st, members can renew online, or you can contact Chris Jenneiahn, 208-681-3584, to make arrangements to pay . All members who do not renew by December 31st will have their gate passes de-activated and they will not have access to the range.  A grace period until the first Wednesday in March has been given to members to renew without penalty in the past.  This will still be honored.  If a member does not renew by this date, however, and wants to renew later, he will be required to apply as a new member and pay the additional fee.  Buddy passes will remain at the same rate, $25 and replacing a lost card will also remain at $20.

Additional news- Mark Cinense has agreed to become an addition to our Board of Directors.  Mark has been a member for several years and brings with him skills that will enable him to take over our IT concerns.  He will be a much appreciated member on our board.

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, be sure to remember and give thanks for the opportunity to live in a great country that allows us to enjoy the activities we have, especially at Cedar Hills Gun Club.  We are extremely fortunate.

Thank you,

Jed Taylor, President

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of Nov. 6, 2019

Board members present: Jed Taylor, David Davids, Larry Taylor, Jake Black, Mike Marquette, Ron Weaver, Mark Cinense, and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was opened at 7PM by president Jed Taylor.

Upper range- The work on the upper range is almost complete and should be finished within the next couple of weeks.  When the pole is placed, the security cameras will be installed.  This should complete the planned upgrade for this range. Thanks again to Idaho Fish and Game for their support in funding a grant for most of this project.

The .22 rimfire range will be the emphasis for upgrading for 2020. Because of the large number of members bringing families to shoot, this was felt to be a needed upgrade. As the large equipment for this will be coming and is costly, the shotgun pad for the container for pallets of clays will be done at the same time.  The shotgun folks have put on several events this past year and a half to raise enough money to purchase the container and do the ground work for this project.

Dues for 2020.  The dues for 2020 will be $110.  A buddy pass will remain the same at $25 and any new applicant will be charged the $110 plus $50 additional, for a total of $160.  If you lose your card or need it replaced, this will be done for the same fee of $20.

Renewals- You can renew on line at the Cedar Hills Website or you may send your check to P.O. Box 1115, Blackfoot, ID  83221.  All dues are payable by December 31st, but for some who may have a problem with this, we extend our memberships for the same rate until the 1st Wednesday of March.  All memberships not renewed by Dec. 31st, will have their cards deactivated, so make sure you have your payment in before you need to apply for another membership!

Jed explained to the folks present the necessity for raising dues for the coming year.  With insurance, utilities, replacing of targets, etc. expenses going up and the projected maintenance and projects for the coming year, this was necessary.  We also need some things hired out, that volunteers cannot do, and all this takes money. We still have NRA insurance for liability for the club, and another insurance company for the insurance for the buildings, but the cost of this has gone up greatly.  There are many insurance companies that have already dropped gun ranges as customers, so we are pretty lucky to have who we have.  There was several questions asked about the fee increase and Jed explained that $120,000 was ran through the club last year with all of the projects, maintenance and bills that needed to be paid.

Needed- As Jed will be stepping down as President on January 1st, the board is looking to appoint a new president.  We all know that no one can actually replace him, but many of the tasks Jed assumed have now been allocated to others.  So, if you feel that someone you know, and also, would be willing to take on this task, please talk to them and have them make out a resume that can be turned in to any board member before the December meeting.

Sporting Clays update- There are 8 machines left up on the sporting clays range for anyone who cares to shoot there.  The 5 stand building is now open with 2 courses of fire on Thursday nights from about 5 or 6 until everyone gets tired of shooting, and also on Saturday mornings starting about 10 or 11 until all are either out of shot shells or ready to go home.  Of course shooting on Thursday nights is done under the lights.

Road problem- The washboard road and driveway to the entrance to the range is on hold until Mother Nature brings us some moisture.  We try to limit the amount of times this needs to be done as it costs between $400 and $500 each time we have the roadwork done.  If there is not enough moisture, it’s a wasted effort as it needs to be done again very quickly.

Larry Taylor presented the club with the new Rules for Reserving CHGC ranges.  This is divided into two areas- for profit and not for profit.  Copies of this will be posted in the clubhouse or if someone wants to reserve a range, Larry will explain the necessary requirements.

New members were introduced and Ron Weaver gave a range orientation to those present..

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, secretary