November Newsletter 2018

Cedar Hills Gun Club
November President’s Message

The holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving only days away.

With the year’s end only weeks away, it is time for the annual renewal of club membership.  There will be a reminder card sent out to encourage you to go to the Cedar Hills Gun Club website, ( and renew on line.  This is the preferred method for renewal, or if you choose, you may contact Chris Jenneiahn, our secretary, at 208-681-3584 to arrange another option to renew your membership

The Budget Committee has met and presented next year’s budget recommendations to the board of directors and has received their approval for the 2019 budget.  A large budget item will be to improve the multi-purpose range, along with several other project from our Master Plan.  

A quick reminder for shotgun shooters; the two courses at the 5-stand building are up and running for all members to use 7 days a week.  There will be 2 young men there on Thursday nights from 5-8 pm and on Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm to run the system.  Come out and enjoy the thrill of shooting under the lights.  There is still a 50 round 8 station sporting clays course available to shoot on the sporting clays range.

The upper range project is moving forward slowly.  The additional concrete pad has been poured and just waiting for the steps and handicap ramp to be completed.  Thanks goes to Idaho Fish and Game for fully funding the grant to make this possible!!!

Qualification for using the indoor range is moving forward.  Please look at the calendar for the qualification dates.  Some people have reported difficulty opening the door to this range.  Please pull the door toward you before swiping your access card to prevent the latches from hanging up.

One quick reminder- membership applications are great holiday gifts!!!!

Again, thank you for all your support.  It is exciting to be a member of Cedar Hills Gun Club.

Thank you,

Jed Taylor, president

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of November 7, 2018

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, David Davids, Jake Black, James Martin, Randy Shiosaki, and Chris Jenneiahn.

Treasurer’s Report:  James reported that we are in the black, coming to the end of 2018 with money ( $46,000) in the bank, no more expected big expenses for this year, and an additional $10,000 deposited today.
Budget- the budget was approved for the next year.  The Upper range concrete has started to be poured.
Renewal of Memberships– Jed told the membership present at the meeting that paying on line to renew is easiest and best for us to handle.  A post card reminder of renewals will be sent out shortly.  All renewals are due by December 31st and all dues not paid by this date will be deactivated.  You do, however, have until the March meeting to renew your membership without penalty.
Cedar Hills Gun Club has 2 new employees who will be working 20-22 hours per week on the ranges.  One of their many jobs is to pick up the ranges, but of course we all expect ALL of our members to be courteous and mindful of others and do this themselves.
Upper Range– The apron for part of the upper range has been poured.  The handicap ramp, new railings and 5 foot wide concrete steps will be a great addition to the access to this range.  Thanks to Idaho Fish and Game who gave us a grant to accomplish this, the work will be done shortly.
It was noted that someone with a 4 wheeler has driven on one of the upper range berms.  This is absolutely not allowed!!!!  
Signage- Signs for several of our areas need signs to indicate what is or is not allowed on those ranges.  This will be done shortly.
Indoor Range qualifications–  Qualifying for access to the indoor range will now be by special arrangement.  
5 Stand has started shooting on Thursday night and Saturday mornings.  There were 8 traps left on the sporting clays range for anyone who wants to shoot up there.
Indoor .22 Silhouette shooting will start on December 6th. at 5 PM.  The league will be for 12 weeks with a $30 entry fee.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn