November Newsletter 2016

President’s Message

This has been a great year for Cedar Hills Gun Club. There have been many improvements that have been completed and a few that still need some work. This has been the result of many sponsors’ donations and the work of members that has made this happen. There are now approximately 550 members. With this many members and the desire to maintain a quality range, the cost to do so has continued to rise. Many of our maintenance items need to be hired out. Members would like to help, but due to lack of expertise, family, or work schedules, it becomes very difficult to provide what needs to be done. Many of our expenses also continue to rise. For example, NRA insurance is now $11 per member. Many other fixed costs, such as electricity, continue to rise. At the October Board of Directors/Committee Chairmen meeting , the possibility of a dues increase was discussed. It has been several years since Cedar Hills Gun Club has had a dues increase. As always, this is a subject that is not very popular. For the last few years, dues were $50 per year ($45 for NRA members) and an extra $65 for a one-time initiation fee. Rod Cross, our treasure, compared the expenses we have had each year to operate the gun club with the number of members each year for the last several years. The results were amazing! It seems that if we had not had our savings account, we would not have been able to operate as a gun club!!! So, how much does it cost to operate Cedar Hills Gun Club? With the dues increase, we are in line with other clubs in the area as well as providing all the amenities missing from other clubs. The topic of dues was discussed in depth. Several options were proposed. After much discussion, a motion to raise the present membership dues to $85 per year and lower the initiation fee to $25 a year was made, seconded and unanimously passed. Buddy passes will remain available at $25. Hopefully, you will see the value Cedar Hills Gun Club provides for you, your family, and for our community, and with your continued support, we can maintain and slowly expand the services we provide.

Thank you, Jed Taylor President


Cedar Hills Gun Club

Minutes of Nov. 2, 2016

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, Rod Cross, Stuart Mc Kim, Ron Weaver, and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM. Jed addressed the membership who were present with the fee increase for 2017 and explained that it had been a long time since we had a fee increase. Rod Cross also addressed the membership fee increase for next year by submitting the actual figures that it took to operate Cedar Hills Gun Club since 2010. We were amazed at the fact that the dues we have been charging for the last 6 years have not been enough to cover the expenses for any of those years! He reported that if we had not had our savings account, we would not have survived as a gun club. A question of lifetime membership fees was asked and the answer to that was that at the present time, $5,000 is the going figure. This will be discussed at the next board meeting. Saturday, November 5th, the new Indoor Five Stand building will be open for anyone wanting to see how the range is run. Apparently, there are a blue and a red course, one being more challenging than the other. There will be more opportunities to view and participate on this range. Watch the web site for times and dates. As of now, the heater needs to be hooked up and the walk-way around the building needs to be poured. The propane tank is already in. The snow removal for the range has been arranged. Denton Klinger one of our long range shooters, will take care of snow removal for the 2016 -2017 year. He will do this for no cost. THANK YOU, Denton!!!!! Mike Layng reported that he has replaced gongs on the lower range and said that new bowling pins have been set out. All rails on the pistol range have been covered. THANK YOU, Mike!!! The target shed needs to be cleaned out, he reports. Anyone interested, just do it! We are also looking for anyone who knows where a large back hoe that could be used to shore up the berms on the pistol range could be located. It needs to be capable of heightening our berms to 14 feet. If anyone knows of one, please contact Jed. David Davids reported that after 3 days of work on the upper range, the roof on the upper range shed has been repaired, the range cleared of left-over debris, the swingers have been painted, the building stained, and rocks removed. Lots more has been done to give you a great place to shoot long range. THANK YOU, David!!!!!! Larry Taylor was asked about the disposition of the range problem that occurred on October 8th with shooting in the pistol bay with AR15’s. He reported that the certified letter had been sent and received, and will be addressed with the people involved at a special board meeting following the regular club meeting in December. New members– 9 new members were introduced to the audience and board. Please welcome them and if there are any questions, please answer them or have them contact any board member.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40

Respectfully submitted, Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary