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CHGC BPCR Match Results for 7/16/2016

7-16-2016 BPCR Silhouette Match
We had a total of 14 Competitors
Match Winner                              G. Merrell with 27/40
Second Overall                             T. Williams with 25/40
First Place Master/AAA           D. Davids with 23/40
First Place AA/A                          G. Anderson with 23/40
Remaining scores
B. Hawkes         14/40
J. Sosalla           15/40
J. Houck            12/40
J. Sosalla           18/40
R. Weaver          22/40
F. Kase              14/40
D. Fleming        16/40
M. Bloom          2/40
C. Bloom          9/40
D. Sorrells         (Didn’t turn in card)
One of our CHGC members, D. Heninger, finished 3rd BPCR Silhouette Iron Sights at Nationals in Raton, NM