The next member meeting will be held at 7 pm, on February 2nd.

BPCRS Scores June 19th 2021

It warmed up to about 93 degrees, but the breeze with gusts that probably exceeded 30 mph made it tolerable. Warren’s son was visiting him for the weekend and helped set animals, much appreciated.
Cliff will be running the matches in Boise starting soon.
Results as follows:
Match winner
Dave Heninger         30
Ron Weaver              28
Brian Wood               23
Jake Bargar               22
Bob Bottoms            19
Joe Gussenhoven     19
Flint Bargar               18
Ken Neider                18
Rick Poole                 17
Gene Davids              16
Cliff Diffendaffer         16
Warren Moldenhauer  16
Dave Davids               14
Ron Williams               8