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BPCRS Scores 18 Sep 2021

As expected we had an interesting and challenging day. The wind shifted frequently, and strong gusts blew everything around. Even with pigs and turkeys clipped, we still had difficulty keeping them up long enough to knock down, which resulted in a long day due to extra time needed to set animals. We also had a little rain. We had 2 new shooters too.
Ron Weaver                 23
Flint Bargar                  20
Jeff Langedyke            18
Brian Wood                  18
Warren Moldenhauer    17
Ken Neider                    17
Allen Wilson                  14 (First time, and shot 5 in a row pigs)
Dave Davids                 14
Joe Gussenhoven        13
Fred Kase                     12
Jim Lofthouse                8
Roger Porter                  6
Norm Rogers                 4    (First time)
Ron Weaver