The next member meeting will be held at 7 pm, on November 3rd.

BPCRS Scores 16 Oct 2021

We had a great day to shoot, the weather was very nice for mid October.
Match winner: Dave Heninger 32/40 (scope)
Brian Wood                 27/40 (scope)
Dave Davids                25/40 (scope)
Ron Weaver                 25/40 (iron)
Mike Oakes                  20/40 (iron)
Jeff Langedyke            18/40 (iron)
Vaughn Rasmussen     17/40 (scope)
Joe Gussenhoven        17/40 (iron)
Warren Moldenhauer    17/40 (iron)
Gene Davids                 17/40 (iron)
Bob Bottoms                14/40 (scope)
We will shoot in November, weather permitting.
Ron Weaver