The next member meeting will be held at 7 pm, on February 2nd.

BPCRS Scores 16 Oct 2021

We had a great day to shoot, the weather was very nice for mid October. Match winner: Dave Heninger 32/40 (scope) Brian Wood                 27/40 (scope) Dave Davids                25/40 (scope) Ron Weaver                 25/40 (iron) Mike Oakes   […]

BPCRS Scores 18 Sep 2021

As expected we had an interesting and challenging day. The wind shifted frequently, and strong gusts blew everything around. Even with pigs and turkeys clipped, we still had difficulty keeping them up long enough to knock down, which resulted in a long day due to extra time needed to set animals. We also had a […]

BPCRS Scores 24 Aug 2021

We had 19 participate Saturday. It was a challenging day to shoot with variable shifting winds, smoke, haze, and a little rain. We also had some new shooters. Thanks to all who made it out. Match winner: Brian Wood 27/40 Second: David Davids        25/40 Warren Moldenhauer   14/40 Ken Neider.     […]

BPCRS Scores July 17th 2021

We had 9 competitors. Overall it turned out to be a pretty nice day.   Ron Weaver                26/40 Dave Davids               23/40 Fred Kase                   20/40 Mike Oakes             […]

BPCRS Scores June 19th 2021

It warmed up to about 93 degrees, but the breeze with gusts that probably exceeded 30 mph made it tolerable. Warren’s son was visiting him for the weekend and helped set animals, much appreciated. Cliff will be running the matches in Boise starting soon. Results as follows: Match winner Dave Heninger         […]

BPCRS Scores May 15th 2021

Rick Poole                  29/40 (shot first 10 in a row Rams) Jake Bargar                24/40 (second place reverse animal count) Dave Heninger            24/40 Vaughn Rasmussen    24/40 Vince Crofts                21/40 […]

BPCRS Scores April 17 2021

BPCRS      17APR2021   Dave Heninger                        27/40 Ron Weaver                            25/40 Johnny Spratling                     24/40 Amber Spratling                      24/40 Rick Poole                               24/40 Dave Davids                           19/40 Vaughn Rasmussen                 16/40 Jake Bargar                             16/40 Ken Neider                             15/40 Scott Bodily                            15/40 Vincent Crofts                        12/40 Joe Gussenhoven                    11/40 Flint Bargar                             9/40 Warren Moldenhauer              9/40 William Dieter                        8/40 Kaden Bodily                          6/40 Ron Williams                          4/40

8-19-2016 BPCR Silhouette Scores

8-19-2016 BPCR Silhouette Match   We had a total of 15 Competitors   Match Winner                         J. Spratling with 32/40 Second Overall                        V. Rasmussen with 28/40 First Place Master/AAA         R. Weaver with 26/40 First Place AA                        B. Bottoms with 22/40 First Place A/B                       B. Wood with 27/40   Remaining scores Sosalla 15/40 Houck 19/40 Bargar 18/40 […]

15 JUL 2017 BPCR Silhouette results

15 JUL 2017 BPCR Silhouette results   We had 9 competitors   Match winner                          V. Rasmussen             28/40 Second Overall                        R. Weaver                   24/40 First Place Mas/AAA             F. Kase                        22/40 (Mr. Kase tied G. Merrell. Mr. Merrell offered win to Mr. Kase for shooting more Rams and Turkeys. Each shot 2 Chickens) First Place AA/A/B                B. Bottoms                  […]

Dave Heninger BPCR Silhouette!!

CHGC member Dave Heninger won the Idaho State BPCR Silhouette Iron Sight Class by shooting 61/80. He also won the Montana Regional BPCR Silhouette Scope Class by shooting 34/40, out-shooting a 2 time National Champion! Congratulations Dave!!!