May Newsletter and current Range Closures

We would like to thank those who came out to help with our spring cleanup. We had a small crew that
took some time out of their Saturday to come, clean up trash, paint targets, and eat donuts. We really
appreciate this. Just a reminder, please clean up after yourselves when you are at the range. Sometimes
the wind can make it hard, but we enjoy a clean range.
Now that we have finally warmed up, we are seeing an increase in the use of our range. We have
received a lot of new memberships over the past few weeks. We welcome our new members and look
forward to meeting them.
Some things to be aware of. We are starting some of the new projects at the range, thank you for your
patience. You will see that some of the berms will be increased. There will be an excavating company
working on these projects in the next few weeks.
The large pistol range will be receiving a cover over the back of the range for a staging area. This next
week you should see some movement on this project.
Finally, the upper range cover addition will be started early summer.
Please be mindful of the construction workers and help us keep them safe.
The upper sporting clays course is open!  The posted menu is active, and the sporting clays committee is
working to finish trap placement.  Over half of the stations will have three target presentations and
there will be two or three menu options.  The green marker presentations are set for the introductory
level or beginning shooter, the blue will be the intermediate level and the black will be a more technical
presentation.  One of the improvements we are working on finishing this year is the installation of
benches at every station.  As a reminder, shot sizes are restricted to no larger than 7 1/2 for lead or 6 for
Please keep safety in mind.  If you are shooting the north side of the course, watch for shooters on the
long-range course going down range to set targets and allow them to clear the course before shooting.
Eye and ear protection is required. If you need foam plugs they are available in the 5-stand building. You
may purchase target cards from the vending machine or if you would like to purchase a bulk card
(minimum purchase $200) please contact James or Jed.  Please help keep our range clean and
remember to pick up your empties.  “Pick Sticks”; will be placed at the stations soon.
Enjoy the range!  If you have any problems or need information on how to operate the controls, please
let James or Jed know.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out shooting!

Closure Update!!

The handgun ranges and the Multi purpose range will be closed for several days, while the crew is working on the berms.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we know this will add much to the overall safety of the range.