May Newsletter 2021

Dear Cedar Hills Gun Club members,

On May 5th we had our regular monthly meeting with a good turnout and a good discussion.  Read on to find out the latest club news and announcements.

On May 15, the indoor pistol range will close for repairs.  The needed repairs are extensive and we expect the indoor range to be closed until this fall.  We will announce when the range reopens.

The trap range us up and running Thursday nights starting at 5:00 pm.  All skill levels are welcome, so feel free to come out and have a good time.  When there are shooters on the trap range, the small (east) pistol range will be closed as we have observed splatter falling onto trap shooters from the east pistol range.  Thankfully we have not observed any large debris falling outside the range, but closing the east pistol range while shooters are on the trap range is a simple safety measure until we can resolve the issue.  The larger (west) pistol range will remain open as we have not observed any debris traveling that far.

As a reminder, please avoid walking on the berms.  Walking on the berms is a safety hazard and knocks down the berm itself.  This applies to all ranges and berms.  We would also remind everyone that rocks are never targets and should not be used as target holders or to prop up steel targets/dueling trees.  Rocks on the range should be removed and tossed to the side.

There have been some complaints about the use of muzzle breaks on the rifle ranges.  While the use of muzzle breaks is perfectly acceptable, we would remind everyone to please be considerate to those around you.  Muzzle breaks can produce a significant amount of backwash to the side of the shooter that can be extremely uncomfortable and disconcerting to those at adjacent benches.  Please be mindful of this and where possible maximize the distance between yourself and other shooters.  It is also polite to talk to other shooters so they know what to expect.

Our next monthly meeting will be June 2nd and we will be holding our annual elections.  We will be holding the meeting outdoors on the multi-purpose range to avoid packing everyone into the clubhouse.  So far, we have one open board member position.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please plan on showing up to the board meeting at 6:00 pm (just before the general club meeting).  If you would like more information about serving on the board, feel free to send a message through the club website or contact a board member.

Ray Tracy

President, Cedar Hills Gun Club