May Newsletter 2019

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes
May 1, 2019

Board Members present: Terry Hansen, James Martin, Larry Taylor, David Davids, Ron Weaver, Jake Black, Mike Marquette, and Chris Jenneiahn

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Vice president, Terry Hansen.

Treasurer’s Report:
James reported that we are okay financially.  Last month was the month that we had several major bills due.  We will have a major bill for $14,000 due for the upper range when it is completed.  This was a grant funded by Idaho Fish and Game.  When the project is completed and the final report is filed, they will give us the remainder of the grant.

Old Business:
Fish and Game Grant – progress on the upper range
1. John Gregory had scheduled to pour the concrete for the handicap ramps later this week.  With the installation of the hand rails, this should complete the upper range project so we can finalize the grant requirements.
2. New Board of Director-
We are in the process of looking at suggested candidates for the board of directors position.  Several candidates were interviewed.  We, as a board, need to consider carefully, so the position is still not filled.
3. Vandalism- As many of you know, vandalism on the upper range has occurred two different times in the past weeks.  If anyone has any information about this, please inform any board member.  All reports are kept confidential.  Because of the vandalism, a  Bingham County police officer has been tasked with contacting all persons who visited the range during the times we think the vandalism occurred.  He reported that he was about half done. Because of this, additional cameras will be placed.
4. Additional cameras- The necessity for additional cameras at an additional cost to us as a club, is imperative because of one vindictive person.  When the upper range concrete is poured, a pole will be set for the cameras.
Alex Kincaid- The assembled members were asked if they would be willing to go to a presentation by a well known author and presenter who would give an up to date on what is and what is not lawful with guns.  Most members did not raise their hands when this was brought up.
New Business:
1.  Kelly Johnson will be the new chairman for the lower covered range as Gordon Wankier decided he had too many obligations at this time.  Any problems with this range?  Please contact Kelly.
2. Outdoor Pistol Ranges- Travis Buck is the chairman of these ranges.
3. Clay targets- Options for the ordering of clays was discussed, including the necessity of an additional box car if we decided to order a full load.  We would be saving money in the long run on the purchase of clays, but the immediate cost would, at this time, be too much.  The cost of the box car plus the additional monies needed to prepare the ground for it will be something the board needs to think about for another year.
4. New members were introduced.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary