May Newsletter 2018

May President’s Message

May is starting out beautifully. Our Cedar Hills Gun Club spring clean-up day could not have had better weather. We had close to 30 members participate, which made the work go very quickly. Several people who could not be there on Saturday came earlier in the week to work. Everyone’s participation was greatly appreciated!!

This last month we had several new major sponsors which included Teton Toyota (Mario Hernandez), Phil Meader Toyota (Jason Meader), Agri-Store (Greg Nickerson), and Mickelsen Construction (Delwyn Mickelsen). Please show your appreciation by supporting their businesses. It is by such sponsors who have helped provide many upgrades to our range.

With the longer hours of sunlight, many of the ranges are beginning their summer shoots. Black powder Cartridge already started their shoots on the 3rd Saturday of the month. On Thursday nights, the .22 rimfire rifle will begin along with Trap shooting. The sporting clays path has been completed. Come check it out on Thursday evening and learn how you can shoot it 7 days a week along with the 5 Stand in our building.

Fairchild Construction has begun the remodeling of our indoor bathrooms, making them ADA compliant. Because of this, the bathrooms will not be available for use until the work is completed.

Remember to always think of safety while at the range, and also to clean up after shooting.

Thank you,
Jed Taylor,

Cedar Hills Gun Club Meeting

May 2, 2018

The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM. Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Mike Curnutt, David Davids, Rod Cross, Jake Black, Larry Taylor, James Martin, Ron Weaver and Chris Jenneiahn.

Annual Clean-Up-Day– May 5th, this Saturday, is our annual Clean-Up Day. You may choose to work on any range or area. Please bring any tools you think might be needed. We will begin at 8 AM.

Remodeling– The indoor bathrooms will be out of order until the remodeling is complete. Fairchild Construction is bringing the bathrooms up to ADA compliance.

We have added four new sponsors this past month. They are Teton Toyota (Mario Hernandez), Phil Meador Toyota (Jason Meador), Agri-Store (Greg Nickerson), and Mickelsen Construction (Delwyn Mickelsen). Please welcome each of them by supporting their businesses.

The grant we received from NRA has allowed us to purchase the 12 tables and 96 chairs. It also allowed us to purchase the furnace for the clubhouse. The work on the indoor bathrooms will also be funded by this grant. Please support this organization.

Committee reports:
Upper Rifle Range– David Davids reported that they had a good turn out for their 1st shoot of the year with 16 competitors. He also reported that engineers are trying to figure out how to place a berm between the 600 yard and 1,000 yard range as there is a huge difference in elevation. Work will be progressing on the 50 yard berm and on the road in this area.

Lower Range-This range is looking good. The newly covered benches are great! A problem of dead rockchucks on this range shows that someone is not adhering to Cedar Hills Gun Club rules. There is to be NO SHOOTING of any living thing on the range. 

.22 Range– Chuck McAbery reported that starting this Thursday, May 10th , shooting will commence on this range. Shooting is usually from 5:30 to 8.

Outdoor Pistol ranges– Travis Buck repaired the targets on the 1st bay and has constantly monitored this range for targets that need repair or to be replaced. Someone has been using the bowling pins from the box car and shooting them on the pistol range. Because of the trash left behind, the pins will be removed from the range. Mike Layng will remove them for us.

Indoor Pistol Range- This range will be closed until fall.

Trap– Trap shooting will start next week.

Sporting Clays– If the gravel is put in place by Saturday, we will be able to start shooting this event on Thursday, May 10th. There are 13 stations and 26 throwers on this range.

5 Stand– This will also open for shooting on Thursday evening. The course is set up with 6 throwers.

New vending machine- A vending machine, allowing the purchase of shotgun cards without having to purchase them from Jake or Jed, has been ordered. It will be placed in the 5 Stand building.

Spraying– Mike Adams has offered to spray for weeds again this year. He reported that hiring a professional is costly and wants to do as much of this as he can.

New Members were introduced and given orientations by Terry.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary