May Newsletter 2017

May President’s Message

Spring is rolling fast, and so is our Gun Club. Our mechanical gate has been installed and a lot of thanks goes to Fremont Fence (Noah and Kelly Wasden) for installing the gate and for their professional service given. They have been great to work with. At our May monthly meeting last Wednesday, we began to hand out the gate cards that will be used to activate the new automatic gate. There were over 100 members present to receive their gate cards. It was a long line, but it gave all of us the opportunity to visit with each other. We will be available again to pass out gate cards at the gun club building May 9 from 7:00-8:30 pm, Saturday May 13 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, then again Tuesday, May 16th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Please try to make an effort to pick yours up to save us the cost of mailing and to avoid any confusion June 1st, when the gate will be in operation.

If you have been to the range recently, you will notice improvement to our parking area where added gravel has been placed. Two of the outdoor pistol bays have had crushed gravel and been rolled. Railroad ties to be used for the retaining walls are being delivered this week and need to be installed in the two shorter pistol bays. Ray Tracy at 533-8565 and Chris Jensen 608-2527, have agreed to take charge of this project. They are asking for help with this, so if you feel that you can help, please call either one to offer assistance and get this project finished quickly.

The indoor pistol range will hopefully be available soon after some repairs are done due to bullet trap damage. Again, please follow the guidelines on what pistol calibers are allowed to be used to avoid damage. This range has been well used since it has been opened up for pistol shooting, but it requires everyone who uses it to read and follow what calibers are allowed. Also, there was a 5 foot belting that was to be used on the bullet traps that has turned up missing. If any member knows where it might be, please contact us.

The shotgunners have begun shooting on Thursday nights for Trap and Sporting Clays, officially beginning at 6pm each Thursday, but many have been coming earlier and starting. The new sporting clays course is a must to check out. James Martin, chairman, and his committee, have been putting in long hours to set up what is probably one of the best courses in the state of Idaho.

One last note- the annual clean-up day was a great success. We had an above normal turn- out of members willing to come out and help, so work was done in short order. Thanks to all who participated!!!

Thank you all for your support and great help!

Until the June meeting.


Jed Taylor


Due to the number of people who came to pickup their cards, we had a limited business meeting.

We are financially sound, the range cleanup was 5/9, and there were several new members presented to the group.