May Newsletter 2016

Cedar Hills Gun Club

May President’s Message

Time seems to just fly by. Here we are and another month has gone by! Our membership continues to grow with many new members added each month. Let’s welcome them and help to get them going in the right direction. If you are a new member, please do not hesitate to call any board member if you have questions. The sporting clays course is up and running after the help of many volunteers and a lot of man hours. Currently, there are 10 stations with many exciting and challenging features. Make sure to note the sponsors of the various stations and tell them thanks. It has been with their support that we have been able to expand. The upper range now has the thousand yard stands set up and ready for you to attach your targets. A huge THANK YOU to Premier Technology and their employees for building and setting this up. It is a great addition to our range. The 500 meter berm has also been modified to help with the safety concerns on the lower range. Ron Weaver and his group have been working on the rough edges and are ready for the “test drive” at their May 21st shoot. The footing for the 5 stand building has been dug and we should see the foundation and walls going up soon. We’re excited and anxious as we see the progress of this building. Our annual cleanup day was on a busy weekend for all, but for those who were there, your help was much appreciated. Many helped days before, knowing they could not be there. Chuck McAbery and his group, for example, spent many hours a few days before on the .22 range, mowing, cleaning and hauling off several loads of tumble weeds to spruce up that range. Again, a quick reminder that the league shoots have begun on the sporting clays, trap and .22 rim fire ranges. Shoots begin about 5:30 every Thursday. Come to support and also have a great time!

Jed Taylor President

Minutes of May 4, 2016

Board members present:

Jed Taylor, Rod Cross, Terry Hansen, Ron Weaver, Larry Taylor, Randy Shiosaki, Jeff Blain, Stuart McKim and Chris Jenneiahn.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Rod Cross indicating the expenses incurred for April.

Committee Reports:

Upper Range– Terry Hansen reported that Steadman Construction has completed the 500 yard berm. A new road has been built. The lower range can now be used in conjunction with the upper range. .22 Range– Chuck McAbery reported that the .22 rifle silhouette league will start tomorrow night at 5:30. He has an extra scoped rifle if someone wants to participate and does not have a gun. Pistol Range– Al Goehringer is in charge of this range. He is looking forward to next year when leveling and the addition of gravel is in place. Trap– Dennis Svancara reported that trap starts at 5 PM and cards for discount rounds are available. Sporting Clays– Bruce Thompson reported that Fun Shoots will start on the 2nd Saturdays of the month with registration at 8 AM for starting time at 9 AM. He commented that he would like to have a registered shoot next year but will need 4 more traps. Calendar– Larry Taylor reported that there are no problems. The dates and times are now listed. Lawn care– Mike Adams asked for more support. Chris will see that he gets names of people who indicated they would be willing to help.

Old Business:

Annual Range/Highway Clean-Up Day- May 7th at 9 AM. Meet at the clubhouse. Money box– a possible solution for non-member payments has been found. A lock box similar to what is placed on the outside of businesses is a probable solution. An estimate of less than $300 was given. Annual member Bar-B-Q- September 17th. Mark your calendars!!!! New members– 5 new members were accepted into membership.

New Business:

Joel Johnston, a new member, would like to start a 3 gun shoot league. It would run from Feb. to October and be held on the 4th Saturday of the month. It would require the use of the upper, lower, and 75 foot range. There is already an existing group shooting this at various locations of the state. There was lots of interest and discussion on this. More information will be forthcoming when decisions are made. The meeting adjourned at 7:50

Respectfully submitted, Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary