March Newsletter 2023


Thank you all for your membership here at Cedar Hills Gun Club. I hope you are all enjoying the range. I know at this time it can be a bit cold, at times hard to drive to the range. We appreciate DC Farms for plowing our roadway into the range.

Please continue to drive safe as you enter the gate area. This can be extremely slick. Also be mindful of the parking lot as it is sometimes an ice rink.

When spring hits and the snow melts, we anticipate that the parking lot may become a lake. We are taking precautions to help mitigate this issue.

Now that the renewal time as ended, we are just over 570 renewed members. We continue to have new members join.

We are working on hiring new help. We have an applicant sent to us from the VA administration at ISU that is going through the application process.

We plan on a cleanup day at the Range on Saturday April 22nd. This of course is dependent upon the weather and how the snow melts this spring. Please tentatively mark your calendars for this day and there will be more to come on this.

The annual elections for officers and board members were held at the March Meeting.

Election of officers:

      • President: Troy Eppich
      • Vise President:
      • Secretary: Randon Taylor
      • Treasurer: Fred Endow
      • Range Warden: Josh Madson
      • Immediate past president: Ray Tracy (asked to step down based off family and job responsibilities.)   Jed Taylor to continue as past president
  • Board members terms to renew for this election 2023

Eric Krasa, Terry Hansen, Jeff Hintz, James Carter, James Martin


Thank you again for being members of the gun club. Please be mindful of all members. We are lucky to live where we do and to have this great range. Be safe at the range.