March Newsletter 2019

President’s Message
March 2019

Here we are in the first part of March with everyone waiting expectantly for the sunny warm days to return, but as my father would say, “We are a day closer to summer.”

We would again like to thank Dr. Tom Call and Jeremy Johnson for the excellent presentation concerning proper wound care and how to use an AED at our monthly membership meeting.  They will be donating First Aid Kits for our use.  Bingham Memorial will be donating an AED which will be located in the Clubhouse.  Thanks to  all the many members who attended to be instructed on wound care and the use of the AED.

Here is a quick update on the improvements being made to the range this year-
1. The multi-use range- This range will be cleaned up and crushed gravel installed like the outdoor pistol ranges.  Usage on the range includes rifles, pistols and shotguns.  You must set your own targets on this range and remove them when you are finished.

2. The Upper rifle range will have the ADA ramp completed as soon as the weather allows.  There is one item of concern.  Last week several glass bottles were lined up on railroad ties in front of the shooting line, broken and left.  This is not allowed on any range!  If anyone has information concerning this, please notify one of the board of directors.  This kind of behavior is not tolerated at Cedar Hills Gun Club.

3.  Shotgun-The Sporting Clays range will be expanded with the weather warming up.  This winter we had 8 stations available, but this will be increased to 15 stations before the first of April.  This will leave only one course of throwers instead of the two courses of fire we had for the indoor 5 stand this winter.

With the warmer temperatures our range will see an increase in usage.  Please remember to be courteous and patient with other member shooters.

Jed Taylor

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes
March 6, 2019

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, David Davids, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, Mike Katseanes and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM.

This was a special meeting tonight with 2 presenters, Dr. Tom Call and Jeremy Johnson, both affiliated with Bingham Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Tom  Call and Jeremy Johnson were introduced to the membership.  Jeremy started out with a power point presentation of wound care.  Both presenters listed bleeding problems as the number one concern as to problems that we could anticipate if there were an incident on a shooting range.  Jeremy explained the different levels of wounds that could occur and explained how the bleeding could be stopped until professional help could be obtained.  There were many questions that were asked by members and all were given explicit and succinct answers.  Several questions had to do with the use of a tourniquet and where to place it if needed.

There are 4 First Aid kits that will be donated.  Dr. Call explained the contents of the kits and the reason items were placed in the kit.  The kits will be placed in strategic places on the range.

The use of the AED machine that is being donated by Bingham Memorial Hospital was explained and demonstrated.  There was also a review of CPR that is to be done while the machine is being opened and ready to begin.  The AED is extremely easy to use as it is voice controlled and tells you exactly what to do as you are using it and waiting for professional help.  Of course, calling 911 is always the first order of business .

New members were welcomed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:27.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary