The next member meeting will be held at 7 pm, on February 2nd.

March Newsletter 2017

March President’s Message

Spring is fast approaching and the dry roads and bare ground will be a welcomed sight for many of us. Despite the abundance of snow, water, and mud, our range has had a lot of use. The indoor pistol range has had continued usage and the new 5 Stand building has continually attracted shooters from all up and down the valley as our 5 Stand has been open to the public on Saturdays from 11:00 am until all are done shooting.
As we move forward this spring, a few of the upgrade projects will hopefully be new lighting in the indoor pistol range, upgrading the outdoor pistol berms, and installing a mechanical gate with card reader. New members continue to join and are excited with what we have to offer. Please help the new members feel welcome and answer any questions they may have. Our next monthly meeting will be April 5th, and hopefully, the weather will not be a concern. Remember to be safe and also clean up after shooting.
Thank you,

Jed Taylor, President

Cedar Hills Gun Club

Minutes of March 1, 2017

Board members in attendance: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, Rod Cross, David Davids, Randy Shiosaki, Jace Katseanes, Mike Curnutt, Jake Black, and Chris Jenneiahn
Treasurer’s Report: Jace presented the board with the total assets and total liabilities amounts and the revenue and expenditures for January. We are solvent! Jace also commented that all financial statements are up to date.
President’s Report: In spite of lots of snow, there has been a steady amount of folks using the indoor ranges.
Committee Reports: Indoor 5 Stand: James Martin reported that they have been having great attendance for the Saturday shooting. He gave a reminder that shooting starts at 11. He also reported that 8 boxes of clays were lost due to flooding in the trap house. Bill Kelleher and crew pumped the trap house out. .22 range: Chuck McAbery reported that there are 2 weeks left in the .22 rifle league. Attendance was good for this league, with 18 shooters at the most and an average of 12-13 shooters.

Friends of the NRA Banquet/Auction: Craig Gates gave an overview of the upcoming auction and encouraged all to participate by donating and attending this function. He reported that $640,000 was raised last year and $320,000 was given out in the form of grants. He encouraged Cedar Hills Gun Club to apply for a grant this coming year and said he would help if needed. This year’s banquet will be held at the Red Lion in Pocatello on May 20th, starting at 5:30.

New Business: Jed presented board members with the two proposals from Haddon Fencing for the mechanical gate. Thanks to Les Schwab for the donation of $10,000 toward the gate. The proposals presented two types of gates, a swing gate costing $17,577.31 and a cantilever slide gate for $19,065.87. Both would require electrical wiring and conduits to be installed by a certified electrician. Daniel McLaughlan from Haddon Fencing will donate $5,000 toward either choice of gate in exchange for a sign with his business displayed and a lifetime membership. The other item presented by Haddon was for the card readers. Total cost for 700 logo cards was $4,095.84. Many comments from board members as well as club members were given. No decision was made on this.
One of the goals of the 5 Year Plan was for upgrading the lighting in the clubhouse and indoor range. Mountain West Electric will donate $5,000 in work or materials to upgrade the indoor lighting. An audit by Idaho Power was done for a possible grant. We will forego the Idaho Power grant as it was not worth doing. The indoor range will cost $2,750. This will be done.
Another of our 5 year goals was the finishing of the outdoor pistol ranges. These bays need to be done. More Specifics of the proposed upgrades will be given at the next meeting.
New members were presented. The meeting was adjourned at 7:51.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary