April Newsletter 2017

April President’s Message

Here it is April and things are starting to green up. There are a lot of changes going on out at the gun club. The bid for the mechanical gate was awarded to Fremont Fence out of Rexburg. Noah and Kelly seem to be super men to work with and they are currently in the process of the installation. The gate will be controlled by a card reader, programmed to each member, individually. Please be aware that there will be a time to receive cards and begin using the mechanical gate. This will help with the security and the unauthorized use of our gun club.
The upper range has had some gravel installed to help some of the rough area on the road out to the 1000-yard target.
The parking area that was a mud pit during the melting season is scheduled to get gravel installed.
The outdoor pistol bays will be getting an update shortly with extended berm height and crushed gravel for the shooting area.
The time of year is coming where the 5 Stand season is coming to an end due to the throwers being moved up to the sporting clays course. The sporting clays committee has been working hard to extend the course to the west and they are looking forward to some excellent targets.
Please schedule your calendars for our yearly cleanup day on May 6th. There will not be a road clean up, only the club area. A lot of hands will make the work go by fast and enjoyable. Come out and enjoy good company and some treats. Thank you for your support.
Jed Taylor
President Cedar Hills Gun Club

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes of April 5, 2017

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, Randy Shiosaki, Ron Weaver, Stuart McKim, David Davids, Jake Black, Mike Layng, and Chris Jenneiahn.
The Treasurer’s report was handed out from Jace Katseanes. We are in good shape.
Committee Reports:
Upper range- David Davids reported that although gravel was hauled in and placed, more is needed. John Elison brought in the gravel. David also expressed the need for AR500 steel for the upper range targets.
.22 Range- Chuck McAbery reported that there was a problem on the indoor range and wanted Mike Katseanes to check on the backboards. He reported a problem that occurred and was thankful that safety glasses are mandatory.
Indoor Pistol Range- Mike reported that he was aware that there was a problem and the bullet traps will be renewed in a couple of weeks when we have our annual Range Clean-Up Day.
Mike Layng reported that the gongs on the lower range are in place. He said we need to have someone else take over as chairman of this range as he is dropping off the board of directors.
Pistol bays- Jed told us that the berms on the pistol bays are scheduled to be built up the first of next week. He also reported that the trench from the 5 Stand to the new gate will be dug. A controller/actuator has been ordered and the parking lot will hopefully be finished by the end of the month.
Lawn Care- Mike Adams said he will try to spray for weeds shortly. Jed commented that he and Mike talk about having a professional service possibly do this work.
The need for a ramp to replace the present one that is becoming a hazard was brought up. Tim Jenneiahn offered to donate this item. It is built in 2 sections and will need to be dismantled, brought to the gun club and fitted to our situation.
The Highway Clean-Up in conjunction with our Range Clean-Up Day was brought up. There was lots of discussion on this topic with Jake Black making a motion to cancel our obligation for this project as only a few do this job and some said they have done this long enough. Terry seconded the motion to discontinue the highway clean- up. A unanimous vote was given. Chris will contact the Highway dept. to inform them.
Mechanical gate bids: Fremont Fence, LLC was given the bid for this. Lanyards will be purchased for card holders. Cards will be individual issue, that is, each card has a different code. More will be forthcoming on this issue.
Annual Clean-Up Day– May 6th, from 9 AM until we finish. Bring whatever you think might be needed, from cleaning the clubhouse to working outside on maintenance, to putting the target shed in order.
8 new members were brought in.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary

5 stand final shoot is being planned for May 6th, Clean-up day, after the cleanup is complete.  The more people we can get there early to clean up, the sooner we can open the ranges for shooting.  We are anticipating the shoot to start at 1pm. Please come early and help us get the range cleaned up to start a great summer of shooting!