March Newsletter 2016

March President’s Message

The snow is gone and it looks like spring is teasing us to get out and enjoy the sun.

Our monthly meeting was held this past week and the chairmen that were present reported on the progress of upgrades to the ranges.

The indoor pistol range looks great and there were many positive comments on the heating system. Remember, if you use the heater, please put your $5 per hour cost in the box. This will help pay for the propane used. Also, be sure to dispose of your used targets in the trash to help keep this range clean.

Daryn Acor is the chairman of the clubhouse. His committee has cleaned it up and it looks wonderful. The chairs and tables are stacked neatly and the carpets are vacuumed. Let’s help Daryn in keeping our clubhouse in good order.

In regards to the sporting clays and the 5 stand building, they are going forward. Hopefully, the plans and estimates will be completed shortly. The additional traps have arrived and look great. A reminder to all trap and sporting clay users- You need to receive an orientation to obtain access to the equipment.

There are several events coming up this summer and it may seem a long time away, please reserve on your calendars the following days- May 7th will be our annual Range and Highway Clean Up Day. With support of all members, this will not take long. September 17th will be our first Annual Membership Summer BBQ. I understand there will be a roasted pig. Many other events have been planned, such as our league and fun shoots during the summer months.

In closing, I would like to thank all who have helped us meet our yearly goals. We have a wonderful gun club, and it is our members who help make it great!

Jed Taylor President

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes of March 2, 2016

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Mike Curnutt, Gene Davids, Stuart McKim, Larry Taylor, Randy Shiosaki, Mike Layng, Ron Weaver, and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was opened by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM.

Treasurer’s Report: Rod Cross presented the board with a detailed expense and income report. We are fiscally sound!!! Dues paid, buddy passes paid, and membership dues and donations were all reported.

President’s Report: Trap shoot- Armor Pest on February 13th had about 20 shooters. They had a great time.

Grant from Premier Technology- Jed presented the board and members an enlarged copy of the check made out to CHGC for $15,000. The grant money is from Premier Technology and the Sayer family.

Kevin Kotter reported that the gate is being designed and there are several community members who have offered help with this project.

Survey- Harper/Leavitt will survey the property for our proposed improvements and building.

Committee Reports:

Upper Rifle Range: Tyson reported that they are working on the gong and other targets for this range.

Lower Rifle Range:  Mike Layng reported that this range has had improvements made and all is ready.

Pistol Range- Outdoor: Al reported on the berm change needed to separate the longer west range from the two shorter pistol ranges. He also mentioned the ammo restrictions. These need to be posted.

Indoor Range: Mike K. reported that they are rebuilding the bullet traps in the indoor range. His phone number will be posted on the range door so the range rules can be done over the phone for anyone who wants to use this range. The backer board will be in Friday. He mentioned that people need to clean up and dispose of their targets after shooting.

Sporting Clays: Bruce said that 13 stands are done. Pratt Lumber donated the materials to build them at their cost. 2 new MEC throwers were purchased from Bill Prindle and 2 additional machines were donated.

Calendar: Larry said the calendar is up and running and would like Terry to add a spot for adding times for events. This will be done.

Web master: Terry reported that he is making changes with the pictures on the site and wording at several places.

Lawn Care: Mike said that mowing will resume next month when the grass starts growing. He has a team that he will contact for this.

New members: 9 new members were welcomed into CHGC and will receive their range orientation after the meeting by the new committee.

Old Business:

1. Money boxes for payments for the range are in the process of being made. They should be available for use shortly.

2. Annual Range and Highway Clean-Up Day is May 7th starting at 9 AM.

3. Annual Membership Summer BBQ is scheduled for Sept. 17th .

4. Black powder shoots will start this month on the 3rd Saturday.

5. Sporting clays and trap are expecting to start the 1st Thursday in May.

New Business:

1. A board meeting needs to be held within the next few weeks.

2. Hunter Safety- lots on calendar- close ranges for members?

3. Pictures- if you take pictures of happenings on the range, please turn them in for possible use on our site.

4. Board members- please look over the CHGC regulations and by-laws to discuss updates at the next board meeting.

5. Craig Gates reminded us of the Friends of the NRA annual banquet and auction on May 7th . He has tickets available. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary

Upcoming Events!

3/19 Black Powder Cartridge Shoot (Upper Range) 7 am to 3pm

4/6 Monthly Meeting at the CHGC Clubhouse  7pm