The next member meeting will be held at 7 pm, on February 2nd.

March 2015 Newsletter

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President’s Message

We have an early Spring and are getting started early this year. Three key points this month:

1. If you have been to the range you probably noticed that we have put a berm between the .22 silhouette range and the covered range. This will make it safer and easier for everyone to shoot. We were able to use dirt from the range, which saved us quite a bit of money.

2. We are going to have the annual clean up on the April 4th, the first Saturday in April instead of the first Saturday in May. This is for two reasons. One, the weather is better, and two we are going to have the “We the People Shoot” on April 11th. We should be able to do the cleanup in a couple of hours if we get some help. Please plan on coming out at9:00 A. M. We will still be cleaning up the freeway and will serve lunch and open the trap range after the cleanup is done. Please plan to come.

3. The biggest event for the Spring is the “We the People Shoot” on Saturday, April 11th. It will be from 10:00 to 2:00with lunch provided. There will be .22 silhouette, pistol and shotgun competitions for men, women and children. Individual events are $25 per person with children at half price. You may enter all three for $60. Early tickets sales are $50. More info is on the gun club web site linked to this event on the calendar.

We the People is a class at Blackfoot High School that studies and then competes with other schools on the US Constitution. They have won the State competition for 8 straight years and need funds to go to Washington D.C. to compete in the national competition. This is something that benefits the youth and supports what the Gun Club stands for also. I hope we get good support from our club on this shoot.

MINUTES OF March 4, 2015 Meeting

The meeting opened at 7pm by President Gordon Wankier. Several new members were introduced.

Kimberly Blake gave a short program on “Well Armed Women”. There are 240 chapters in 48 states. They will be giving classes in the area shortly, and want people to know who they are and what they propose to do to help women become not only familiar with firearms, but become proficient.

Because of the shuffling of board members with Kelle Johnson stepping down and Mike Layng taking his position as vice president, we needed to fill one slot. Bill Kelleher was voted to this position.

Annual report of range activities:

Gene Davids spoke for the Black Powder Cartridge and reported that all is well on that range.

Larry Taylor reported on the Pistol range and reported that reactive targets are now in position. He also mentioned that the Johnny Appleseed shoot is scheduled for the 3rd weekend in May.

Randy Shiokashi reported on the shotgun range. Trap will start on Thursday nights on the 2nd of May. Sporting clays will probably be set up.

Chuck McAbery reported on the .22 silhouette range, indoor and outdoor. This event consists of shooting chix, pig, turkey and ram silhouette targets at different distances.

It was reported that Jeff Steadman will start tomorrow placing a berm between the .22 silhouette range and the lower covered range. This should alleviate any potential problems with using both ranges at the same time.

It was also reported that our clubhouse was updated last year with new carpeting, flooring, windows, etc.

Placement of the 2 handicap Porta Potties was discussed. One will be placed next to the target shed and one next to the existing one on the upper range.

“We the People” – Cedar Hills Gun Club is hosting a fund-raising shoot on April 11th, with a 10 AM start. People may shoot 50 rounds of shotgun, 30-50 rounds of pistol, or shoot .22 rifle silhouette. They may be shot as individual events for $25 each, or shoot all 3 events for $60. Early registration for the three events will be $50. Many great prizes are each event. Lunch will be served by members of the We the People group.


Earlier this past year a past president left his jacket downstairs during a meeting at A-Z. The jacket was one presented to him from CHGC for his years as president of the club and had his name embroidered on it. It also had a medal in one pocket that had special meaning for him. If you inadvertently picked this up, would you please bring it to the next meeting which will be held at the range. So, please check your closets for a camouflage jacket with a name embroidered on it that is not your name. Thank You!!

Reminder that the April meeting will be held in the clubhouse at the range.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.


 April 1st

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ the Club House/range

April 4th

Highway – Range clean-up day – 8:30 AM – all ranges closed

April 18th

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range(lower closed)

May 6th

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ the Club House