June Newsletter 2022

Dear CHGC members,

Just a few things to pass on to you all from our June meeting:

The club continues in good financial condition and we have been able to pursue some upgrades.  Last month the board authorized the purchase of new silhouette targets for BPCR use on the upper range.  The new targets are targets fabricated from 3/8” AR500 steel and we were able to pick up the fabricated targets late last month.  We are in the process of getting them painted and ready for use.  In addition to the BPCR targets, we did get a couple of extras to set up on the upper range for general use.  We will see how long they last under that abuse.  As a reminder, when using any of the steel targets, armor piercing/steel core/penetrator rounds should never be used.

We would like to thank Butch Deforest who built a bunch of wood target stands for use on the range.  His service is much appreciated.

There was some discussion about allowed cartridges on the indoor range.  While we have generally focused on the message of “No Magnum Cartridges” recent developments and new handgun offerings remind us that in addition to the magnum cartridge prohibition, we also have a velocity limit.  No cartridges with a muzzle velocity exceeding 1200 feet per second are allowed on the indoor range.  Please check your ammo specifications before using it on the indoor range.

We are considering adding intermediate berms to the multi-purpose range.  There have been reports of ricochets when target stands are not set directly in front of the berm and despite numerous reminders, people are still setting targets in the middle of the range.  The additional berms will limit the utility of the multi-purpose range, but the increase in safety is worth the inconvenience.

Ray Tracy

President, CHGC