June Newsletter 2017

June President’s message

After an interesting spring, it appears summer is finally here and things are warming up. An important reminder- Exploding targets are not allowed at Cedar Hills Gun Club!!!!

The indoor range is now operational. The two west bullet traps are functional and hopefully, by the end of this week, the other bullet traps will be usable. Thanks to those who sign in and out when using the indoor pistol range.

The outdoor pistol ranges are shaping up with a huge “Thanks” to Ray Tracy and Chris Jensen who have been the driving force on these ranges to get them completed. They could still use some help to finish the job.

Starting this Saturday, the Trap and Sporting Clays courses will be open for public use on Thursdays from 5pm to whenever all are finished shooting, or dusk. Saturdays the courses will be open from 9am to 2pm. Russ Briney, who is also the chairman of the lower covered range, will be overseeing these events. Anyone else who would like to help is more than welcome!!!

The mechanical gate appears to be working without any problems. The use of the gate has brought many positive comments from members. Thanks for sending back your gate acknowledgement letters. This has helped us update our data base of Emails and contact information. A quick reminder about the gate- when pulling up to exit the club, pull directly up to the gate, not to the side or at an angle. This allows the gate sensor to recognize a vehicle and opens the gate.

Plan to attend the Annual Cedar Hills Gun Club BBQ! A pig roast is always a great way to have a picnic. Allison Giesler is chairman of this event again this year. She would like an RSVP from those planning to attend. With everyone bringing a side dish or dessert, there is lots of great food and a fun time to be had.

Until next month,

Jed Taylor President


Cedar Hills Gun Club

Minutes of June 7, 2017

The meeting was opened by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM. All board members were present.

Treasurer’s report: All pertinent expenditures/assets were presented to the board.

President’s Report: The mechanical gate is now operating and doing well. Jace Katseanas, our present treasurer, will step down due to time constraints, and Jim Martin will take this position. This means that Jace is no longer treasurer or on the board and Jim Martin will take his seat on the board. Both Jace and James will work together so there is a smooth transition. Jace was thanked for his work, setting up accounts. The flag pole should be relocated or a new one obtained and put by the new gate where electric is located so the flag can be lighted. This would make a good Eagle Scout project!

Committee Reports:

Pistol Bays– The floor and berms are set, but help is needed to place the railroad ties. Travis Buck is in charge of this range and will welcome any help that can be given. Ray Tracy’s family and Chris Jensen have already helped on this.

Upper Range-David Davids reported that they had a fairly good turn out on this range. Lava rock has been removed from the road, sage brush cut, and bushes cut to make a path out to the end of the range. A flag has been placed so it can be put out to show there are people down range.

.22 Range– Chuck said there were 12 people shooting last Thursday. He said this range could also use RR ties. Several places were mentioned to locate the ties. This range has matches on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to about 9.

Indoor Range– Unfortunately, this range is still not up and running because someone decided they needed the roll of belting that was to be used on this range more than our members needed it. If anyone knows who removed this, please contact a board member.

Trap– Bill said trap is being shot every Thursday from 5PM until dusk. About 9-13 people are the average number of shooters.

Sporting clays-Janes reported that the course is set and looks good. The course will be changed after Saturday’s shoot.

Calendar– Larry reminded everyone that reservations for a range should be placed 30 days in advance. A motion was made and unanimously carried at the last board meeting stating that someone or organization cannot tie up more than one like range without board approval.

Web site– Terry said there are no problems with this. He will update soon and wanted to know if the various leagues wanted scores posted.

Lawn Care– Mike said he has mowers lined up for the summer. Stuart will call Geisen’s and find out about the sprinkler system.

Butch DeForest was formally thanked for his hard work replacing and installing the handicap ramp. Thanks were well deserved!!

Allison reminded all to put July 29th on their calendar for the CHGC annual membership picnic and pig roast. It will be held from 5-8PM. Roast pig and drinks will be provided and everyone is asked to bring either a side dish or dessert. It would also be advisable to bring your own chair. Allison is asking anyone who would like to help either with the set-up or clean-up to contact her.

New members were introduced and Stuart had people ready for an orientation right after the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35

Respectfully submitted

Chris Jenneiahn, secretary