June Newsletter 2016

President’s Message

Summer came overnight with higher temperatures. We had our monthly membership meeting last Wednesday and again had a great turnout.

Attention all Shotgun shooters!!!

Come join the fun this Saturday, June 11th . Registration for sporting clays and 5 Stand begins at 8:30 and the first round of shooting will begin at 9. The cost is $35 for the hundred round course of sporting clays. Bill Prindle will also set up a 5 Stand course along with an Annie Oakley shoot.

Cabela’s has helped sponsor the Fun Shoot and donated several hundred dollars worth of prizes. Come out and bring a friend. It should be fun for all levels of shooters. Bruce Thompson said this is one of several Fun Shoot Days he expects to happen!!

The indoor pistol range received some discussion at Wednesday’s meeting. Apparently, someone in our organization used a rifle with a .223 round that caused damage to the bullet traps. It is very discouraging that one individual can ruin not only others’ pleasure, but blatently cause damage so a range is put in jeopardy of being closed. Due to this problem, the combination to the indoor range will be changed shortly. Contact Mike Katseanes at 785-4006 to get the new combination. If anyone has knowledge of the perpetrator, please contact any board member. Your name will remain anonymous. This is a PISTOL range and .22 rimfire rifle range, only. Calibers allowed to be shot on this range will be posted soon. Please remember to sign in and out. Looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday!!!

Jed Taylor, President

Minutes of June 1, 2016

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Mike Curnutt, Randy Shiosaki, and Chris Jenneiahn.

Treasurer’s Report: Our income for May was $2,096.79 and our expenses were $2,785.29. With our amounts in the saving and checking accounts, we are in very good shape.

Committee Reports: Upper range; The long range targets are in place. The Black Powder targets have a problem. A rail needs to be repositioned for targets.
.22 range- this range is looking good.

Pistol Range- Travis Buck is now in charge of this range. Terry Hansen said there is still work to be done on this range. He suggests shields for the 2×4’s be purchased at $20 each. Terry will buy 2 to see if they work.

Indoor Range- Jake VanOrden reported that someone shot a .223 round through the trap. This round is not allowed in the indoor range. This range is pistol and .22 rifle rounds, only. A suggestion was made to have Mike Katseanes list the rounds acceptable to shoot in this range and post it on the outer door to the range and also inside the range. Also, remember to sign in and out when using this range. Loss of the range for pistol shooting could be a consequence if the range is misused! A new combination for the door will be coming in the next few days.

Sporting Clays-A Fun Shoot scheduled forJune 11th will start at 9AM. It will consist of 50 birds. The shoot will consist of sporting clays and 5 stand shooting. Local newspaper coverage is expected. Credit cards will now be able to be accepted. Jed reported that the 5 stand building is waiting on the concrete, but it should be poured on the 15th . Summer league shoots start at 5:30. Come out and join the fun!

Web Master- Terry said he has the snail mail membership figured out so all members should be getting the newsletters. All is going well with the site. We now can manually input card payment for annual memberships.

Clubhouse- Clean and looking good. Lawn mowing- Mike Adams reported that the grounds are looking good and he has enough people to mow and keep the grounds looking as they should be.

Calendar- Larry reported that the calendar is going fine. Please remember to schedule through him if you plan on using any of the ranges or clubhouse for an event that would limit members’ use.

Other Business: Jed reported that the annual Clean Up Day had few participants for the Hwy. clean up. We are going to reschedule this event. We as a gun club, are committed to one section of Hwy. This needs to have about 12 people to quickly fulfill our commitment. Please help with this when we know the date.

Pictures- If you take pictures of events at the range, send them to Terry. He has new pictures on our website, but will post others.

New members: 9 new members were accepted into membership.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40

Respectfully submitted Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary