June 2015 Newsletter

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President’s Message

I was not able to make the last club meeting and will not be able to make the July and August meetings due to family commitments. I do miss it but have confidence in the club. We are updating the web site and should get that completed in the next couple of months. We need to update how we communicate so we can keep everyone informed better. We are also doing some updates to the pistol range. You should see that in the next couple of months.

It really is a busy time. The range is getting a lot of use but is taking it pretty good. Please remember to clean up after you shoot. A little help goes a long ways.

The shotgun shooting is in full swing. I hope we can get more people out to shoot. It has been a lot of fun.

Thanks for all you do.

MINUTES of June 3, 2015 Meeting

Board members present: Mike Layng, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Terry Hansen, Mike Curnutt, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, Ron Weaver, Stuart McKim, Jeff Blain, and Chris Jenneiahn

The meeting was opened by vice president Mike Layng at 7 PM.

Several new members were introduced

A mention was made about the telephone answering machine in the clubhouse. Apparently, if the power goes off, the answering machine has a problem and needs to be re-set. If you come into the club house, please check the phone and reset the answering machine using the instructions near the phone.

Mike brought up the proposal of a possible new web site for the gun club. Presently, our present site costs $540 per year, but this is going to be raised to $750 per year plus a $5 per month service fee. Another company has offered to set up our web site for a one time payment of $1,000, with a monthly fee of $20. Half would be paid when the work begins, and the other half when the site was completed. There was much discussion on this. Most maintained that we did not know much other than the cost. Questions about reliability, easy access, whether the site would be comparable to our present site, etc. were questions the board felt needed to be answered in order to make a commitment. The matter was tabled until next month. In the meantime, more information will be collected.

Rifle Silhouette shooting as well as clays are being shot on Thursdays from about 6 to 9.

A plea was made for anyone on the range who sees that the range trash cans need emptying to please empty them in the dumpster. As we have no paid personnel to maintain our ranges, it is up to members to help keep things looking good.

A problem of mowing the lower covered range was addressed. With the number of rocks that seem to appear, it is not possible to mow. If you put a rock out there, please remove it. If you see any rocks out there, please remove them.

Pistol range targets need to be replaced . As this cost will be over $250, this needs board approval. Mike L. will contact Travis Buck and get an estimate on how much this will cost. This is a maintenance cost.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.


 July 1st

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ the Club House

July 2nd

Small-bore Silhouette – 6-10pm – smalll-bore range

July 18th

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range

June 23rd

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range