July Newsletter 2019

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes

July 3, 2019


Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, David Davids, Jake Black, James Martin, Mike Marquette, and Chris Jenneiahn


The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM.


Jed started the meeting by informing all present that there was an on line estate auction for Bruce Thompson who recently passed.  272ALAN.com is the site to go to if you are interested.


Treasurer’s Report:

James reported that the board has officially approved of the financial statements that had been  sent to them.


Range reports-

Upper range- David reported that new gongs have bee placed on the upper range.  At a recent Black Powder Cartridge event, Dave Henniger won the Boise and Montana Shoot.


Jake reported that the problem with the card reader has been repaired.


Lower covered range- Kelli reported that the range looks good.  Carpeting that needed attention has been repaired on the tables.


Premier Technology has generously donated gongs of 12′, 10′ and 6′.  These are great for our range!  Many thanks to Premier for all their support of all of our ranges.  It has come to the attention of one of our members that  armor piercing ammo may  possibly have been used on our range.  There is NO ARMOR PIERCING AMMO ALLOWED anywhere on any of our ranges.  Also, on the lower covered range, if the gong is shot off, please leave it lay.  Do not remove it or try to place it somewhere else on the range.


Outdoor Pistol range- The new plate rack has been added.  Also, new support posts are now in place.


James reported that our Sporting Clays range is looking good.  All 15 stations are working as they should.  Group shooting was addressed and it was decided that this is not a problem as long as the non members will simply pay the non-member fee.


Jed reported that the Idaho Fish and Game grant has been finalized and all paper work has been mailed.


Gate problem- Apparently, there has been a problem of a circuit board problem causing the gate to malfunction.  Jed has contacted the company about repairing the problem..  It is to be noted that the gate may be open for several days before this can be repaired.  Please watch for people who should not be admitted to the range.


Ron Weaver wanted to remind people that the .22 rim fire range is to be just that- There is to be no magnum shooting on this range as the damage to the targets is costly.


New members were introduced and Terry Hansen gave a short range orientation for those who wanted to better understand what our range offers.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.


Respectfully submitted,


Chris Jenneiahn, secretary