July Newsletter 2017

President’s July Message
Looks as though summer is here in full force with temperatures high and dry. When July 1st comes around, it reminds me that we are on the countdown for winter, and it seems like we just got out of it. Anyway, let’s not talk snow.
We are slowly progressing on the range with the indoor pistol range up and going. The outdoor range will soon be completed with new steel targets which will include a plate rack, dueling tree, and PT Hostage targets. These targets will be placed in the center outdoor pistol bay. No other steel targets will be allowed in this bay. The east short bay will have paper targets and a limited amount of steel. For safety purposes, please use only the provided steel targets and do not add others.
There is more participation on Saturdays for Sporting Clays and Trap since it is now available for the public and not just for club members. These ranges are open on Thursday evenings from 5 PM to dusk and on Saturdays from 9 AM to about 2 PM. Russ Briney is overseeing those who come and want to shoot on these ranges.
Make sure you mark your calendar for July 29th. We will be having our annual membership appreciation BBQ starting at 5 PM. Please RSVP Allison Geisler at 208-403-3319, by text or call. There will be a pig roast as part of the main meal. Remember to bring a chair as well as a side dish, either a salad or dessert.
Enjoy what summer we have because, as you know, in Idaho, the weather can change in a hurry!

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of July 5, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by president Jed Taylor. All board members were present except for two excused- Randy Shiosaki and Stuart McKim.
Treasurer’s Report: James Martin announced that we have approximately $15,000 in our checking account and $33,000 in our savings account. Our income exceeded our expenses for the last few months.
Committee Reports:
Upper Range- David Davids reported that a red flag is now in use to designate a hot range. The 500 yard ram has also been replaced as lots of minor repairs done on the range.
Lower Rifle Range-Russ Briney announced that the lower range is in good order. He has now taken the responsibility of this range and also aids the shotgun events on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.
Indoor Range- Jed reported for Mike K. that all indoor pistol ranges are done and useable. Painting will be done shortly.
Pistol Ranges- Travis Buck said that new steel targets will be added to the ranges. He plans on adding a plate rack, dueling tree, and resettable targets. Rocks need to be removed from the berms on these ranges to eliminate ricocheting. Please take a few minutes each time you use the range to clean up a few.
Trap- Bill Kelleher said that all is fine with the trap range. The range is open on Thursdayevenings from about 5 to dusk and Saturdays from 9 to 2.
Sporting Clays- James Martin said that the Thursday night shooting could use more participation, but all is running smoothly.
Calendar- Larry Taylor said that the calendar is up to date and added that the new rule of reserving a range should be done 30 days in advance. He also added that the new Standard Operating Procedure for Cedar Hills Gun Club has now been completed and will be put in a PDF file and put on the web.
Web Master- Terry Hansen reported that he will check the pictures on the web site.
Old business: Jed reported that the water leakage in back of the clubhouse has been repaired. A pipe was crushed, probably when the boxcar was moved this past spring. It was also reported that it will be okay to run water in the clubhouse this winter. Jed also reported that John Fairchild of Fairchild Construction will donate $5,000 to be used to insulate the clubhouse and indoor range. If there is any extra money left from this project, he will use it to upgrade the kitchen.
Annual BBQ- Allison Geisler is again chairing this event to be held on July 29th at the range. There will be a large20 x 40 tent ordered for shade. She is asking for 2 things-1. RSVP, please, at 403-3319, and 2., anyone who can help set up on Friday night to call and come and help . So, bring your chair, a dish to pass, and come and enjoy a great pig roast!!!!
New Business: 501(c)(3) application-Jed reported that the application has been finalized and will be sent in tomorrow. If approved, this will help with our tax status and donations may be able to be deducted from personal tax reports. It also puts Cedar Hills Gun Club in a more favorable light when applying for grants.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary