July Newsletter 2016

President’s Message

Time again is flying by and soon July will be gone. Things are warm out at the Cedar Hills Gun Club, but we now have a pop machine to help quench that thirst.

We continue to add new members to our list. Please help those who are new to understand all the many disciplines available to enjoy and help them to have a great first experience.

Last Saturday’s (July 9) Sporting Clays Fun Shoot was a great success. We had over 30 shooters from all over Idaho and Wyoming. Joe’s Restaurant, here in Blackfoot, catered the food. We enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches. Many positive comments were made about the shoot and the luncheon and we look forward to seeing those folks back next month.

A group of members have been working tirelessly putting together a 3 gun event coming on July 23rd. A lot of work has been put into this activity to make this event a success. Big Mama’s Burger’s will be providing a great meal. Be sure to at least put it on your calendar to come and observe if not participate. We look forward to additional events in the future.

Let’s also remember the 3rd Saturday of the month when the Black Powder Cartridge shooters have a match and also the Thursday night leagues for Trap, Sporting Clays, and Silhouette shooting. A lot of fun is had by those who participate.

We have a lot going on. We are fortunate to have such a facility to enjoy our second amendment rights. Our Diamond in the Rough gun club is slowly transforming into a great range. The 5 Stand indoor building has finally seen some progress. A quick note- the gate will be open at times for construction suppliers to deliver materials.

Remember that the combination for the indoor range has been changed. Please call Mike Katseanes at (208) 220-2601 for the updated combination. We would hate for anyone to arrive to shoot at the indoor range and not have the right combination.

Please check the calendar often to be familiar with what events are taking place.

Hope to see you at the range!!!

Thank you,
Jed Taylor

Minutes of July 6, 2016

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Terry Hansen, Ron Weaver, Randy Shiosaki, Mike Layng, Stuart McKim, Bill Kelleher, and Chris Jenneiahn.
Treasurer’s Report: We are financially sound and have a membership of 524 members.

Committee Reports:

Lower Range- Mike Layng asked if it would be possible to mow the lower range. Jed will call Mike Adams and see what he can do.
Indoor Range- The combination will be changed tonight. If you need to use the range and have had an orientation, Mike Katseanas will give you the new combination.
Trap Range- Bill reported that more clays are needed.
Sporting Clays- James Martin reported that there was a pretty good turn out for the first Fun Shoot last month. This month’s Fun Shoot will start with registration at 8:30 and shooting begins at 9. Five Stand and Sporting Clays are the events for the Fun Shoot.
Web- Terry reported that it is up and doing well. The slight problem with the card reader has been resolved. Any pictures of the range or events will be appreciated.
Pistol Range- Travis Buck reported that 2 deflectors on the pistol targets have been installed. The dueling tree brackets need repair. July 23rd is the date for the 3 gun shoot. A minimum of 20 shooters are expected. Sign in is at 8 and shooting starts at 9. This is a rifle, pistol and shotgun event. Buckeye Targets is sponsoring the event.
.22Range- Chuck reported that there are 6-8 folks shooting this on Thursday nights. This event starts at 5:30.
New Business- 5 Stand Building- Jed reported that part of the floor has been done and the rest will be finished tomorrow.
Highway Clean-Up- Rod Cross has asked anyone who can help with this yearly event to show up on Saturday, July 16th, at 9 AM. We need about 12 people to do this quickly. Please help!!
Several new members will be given an orientation after the meeting.
Needed– If you are a CPA, would you please contact Rod Cross? Expertise in this field is needed.
NOTICE- A .22 Ruger pistol was accidently left on the pistol range recently. If you are the one who thoughtfully picked it up for the person who left it, please call either Rod Cross at 785-6252 or Chris Jenneiahn at 782-9611 so it can be returned to its owner.
Ron Weaver reported that there was still a ricochet problem with a gong. It was suggested that it be moved from the lower range to somewhere on the upper range.
Deposit Box- James reported that one money box has been finished and he still has one to finish.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:47.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary