July 2015 Newsletter

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President’s Message

This has been a busy summer. I have missed the last two meetings and will miss the next with family and community obligations. The club does look good as many hands are working to keep it cleaned up and operating. I really appreciate it.

We are shooting shotguns every Thursday night and have had pretty good participation. We welcome club members and the public. It has been a lot of fun. As stated in a previous newsletter, we will let you shoot for free on your first time.

We are working on updating the website and should have it done by fall. This is a good communication tool. Most of the other improvements have been completed. I appreciate all you help on the range. I look forward to seeing you. Thanks for all you do.

MINUTES of July 1, 2015 Meeting

The meeting was opened by Mike Layng, vice president, at 7 PM. Board members present : Mike Layng, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Stuart McKim, Terry Hansen, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, and Chris Jenneiahn.

New members were introduced.

The web site was again discussed. It will be changed over in the next couple of months. Members were reassured that this was not a one person decision, but was also looked at by our present person who does the web mailings and updates.

Travis Buck has the new pistol targets. These should last longer than the last ones. The cost was $1600. REMINDER- THEY ARE PISTOL ONLY TARGETS, NO RIFLES SHOULD BE USED ON THEM!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Grover, a member of Rexburg Gun Club, asked permission to use our range for teaching classes for concealed carry, etc. There was quite a bit of discussion on this as he is not a member of the club and would be doing this as a business. It was pointed out that although our by laws do not prohibit instructors to give classes, priority has always been to club members and the availability of range. This was tabled until next month.

Soda machine- Several people were upset that the soda machine generously donated by Dr. Soucie has as yet to make an appearance in our clubhouse. Tim Jenneiahn said he would contact Dr. Soucie and make arrangements for pick up. Mike Layng volunteered to pick it up and also repair it with a hasp closure.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 with new members being given a range orientation.


 August 5th

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ the Club House

July 30th

Small-bore Silhouette – 6-10pm – smalll-bore range

August 15th

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range

September 19th

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range