January Newsletter 2020

Cedar Hills Gun Club meeting
January 8, 2020Board members present: Terry Hansen, James Martin, Bill Kelleher, Ron Weaver, David Davids, Mike Curnutt, Mark Cinense, Larry Taylor, and Chris Jenneiahn.The meeting was opened by Terry Hansen at 7 PM.

Terry gave an overview of the necessity for members of Cedar Hills Gun Club to step up to fill several positions on the board and also as officers.  We are still in need of someone to fill the position of president.  We all know these will be big shoes to fill, but several of the duties that were undertaken by Jed Taylor have now been removed so the position is not as demanding.  Chris Jenneiahn announced to the board last month that after 15 years of being secretary for the club that it is time for someone else to take over.  She will continue until after the March meeting.  Anyone wanting to take this position will be well instructed on what is needed to be done and how to do it.  Terry Hansen, vice president also said he will not be able to continue on the board because of family commitments.  So, membership, here is your chance to help continue to keep Cedar Hills Gun Club running as smoothly and efficiently as it has been.  Anyone wanting to fill any of the above positions, please contact any board member to apply.

Treasurer’s Report:
James gave the financial report for the year.  We are in a  good financial position.  We had several large expenditures toward the end of this past month that put us in the red, but James explained that this was good as we are a non-profit organization.  The reason for the large expenditures was because of improvements to the range and a money saving cost.  The large container for the storage of clays was $5800, the dirt work needed to place the container and the improvement on the .22 Silhouette Rifle range was approximately $6,000, and the purchase of a truckload of clays was $16,000.  If the clays were purchased by the 1/2 truck load, as we have been doing in the past, the cost is $10,000.  So you see the savings.

New members were introduced to the membership and board.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary