January Newsletter 2019

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes of January 9, 2019


The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM.

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, James Martin, Rod Cross, Mike Curnutt, Stuart McKim,. Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, David Davids, Jake Black, and Chris Jenneiahn.


Treasurer’s Report:

James reported that we are doing well.  Our present financial statement, which the board had already reviewed, showed that we are about $20,000 ahead of where we were last year.


Old Business:

Fish and Game Grant- If you have visited the upper range lately you will have seen that the new concrete steps and the apron are already poured.  The ramp and railings will be completed when the weather is better.  Upon completion and inspection, we will receive the remainder of the grant.

Cipher lock system for indoor range- Several people have reported having a problem with opening the door to the indoor range.  After swiping your card, pull the door toward you and it will open.  If you try to open the door as you swipe your card it will not open.  The board is investigating a simpler way of gaining access to this range, so until the work is accomplished, please have patience.

Berm build-up between the lower covered range, the rifle silhouette range, and the multipurpose range has been slow in coming.  Steadman Construction will do the work, but because of other commitments and the weather, this project has been on hold.

David Davids addressed the problem of the hole on the upper range.  If this were filled,. the range would be improved.  He is working with an individual who may be able to help fill the hole.


New Business:

It has come to our attention that some people do not realize that we have surveillance cameras in the clubhouse and around on the range.  The old phrase “You’re on Candid Camera” is a valid comment, so please do not do anything that you do not want seen by others.  It embarrasses the tape viewer as well as anyone doing something not appropriate for mass viewing.

The membership application has been revised.  The board approved the new application with one item needing clarification.  This will be on the web shortly for anyone wanting to see what the new application looks like..

Quite a few new members were given an orientation following the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary