January Newsletter 2018

January President’s Message

We’re already into the second week of 2018! Time seems to speed on by.
As of our January monthly membership meeting, over 400 members have renewed their annual membership. Close to 90% have renewed on line with very few problems. New members continue to apply. A quick reminder for members who have not renewed their membership- your gate card is inactive until your membership fee is paid. Fees must be paid before the March meeting to avoid paying initiation fees. You can go online to www.cedarhillsgunclub.org. Then click on the RENEW MEMBERSHIP 2018 link to renew. For anyone who does not want to use a credit card on line, call our club secretary, Chris Jenneiahn at (208) 681-3584 and she will arrange for you to renew by mail.

The indoor .22 rimfire league shoots are going well with events every Thursday night starting about 6. Contact Chuck McAbery at (801) 725-5546 if you want information. Also, for anyone using the indoor range, please remember to remove your used targets and police up your spent shells.

The shotgun 5 stand indoor shooting is going strong. The public is welcome to also shoot on Saturday from 10:00am until shooters are done. If you want to shoot in the 5 stand building on days other than Saturday, please contact me to learn what is required to do so. There will be a Registered/Recreational shoot on February 3. Targets will be set by Bill Prindle. He is known for setting targets for events throughout the North West. Please plan to attend.

We have new chairmen for two of our ranges. Gordon Wankier has agreed to be the lower covered range chairman and has some exciting ideas to increase the fun shooting on this range. Jake Black has accepted to be chairman over the Sporting Clays course. Jake is very familiar with how this course is set. Their help and support are appreciated.

Thank you,
Jed Taylor, President

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes of January 3, 2018

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Ron Weaver, Jake Black, Terry Hansen, James Martin, Stuart McKim, David Davids, and Chris Jenneiahn

The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM.

Treasurer’s Report: James Martin reported that we have $67,786 in our accounts.

Jed announced to the membership that the new surveillance system is now in place and up and running. He advised members to remember that they are on candid camera, and advised them to be careful of what they do on the range.
Jed gave a summary of our 2017 goals. We are ahead of schedule as we have accomplished many of our 2018 goals and have 2 of our 2017 goals not quite accomplished as they are still being worked on, but not finished.

The Lower Range chairman will be Gordon Wankier, who already has plans for additional upgrades.

Budget committee- A budget committee consisting of Jed, Jake, James and Chris has been formed to work on the 2018 budget. Membership was asked for an additional volunteer to be on the committee. Dawna Turman has agreed to be added.

By Laws- Jake reported that the By Law committee has finalized the revisions needed for the By Laws. They will be placed on the web site for all to view and give comments. The By Laws will be presented to the club membership at February’s meeting for a vote.

Indoor bathrooms- Because we now have working heaters in the bathrooms, please keep the doors closed after use to keep in the heat.

Goals for 2018 were presented- Upper range additional shooting benches, 2 additional trap throwers to be purchased, a sporting clays stand, modify pistol range into 3 ranges, two short and one long, crushed gravel on the floor of the outdoor pistol ranges, repair and install sprinkler system for lawn, and concrete work for the trap/skeet fields. As seen, many of these goals have already been accomplished. Concrete work for the trap/skeet fields is being placed on the fall schedule rather than the spring schedule to enable trap shooting to be shot this summer.

Red flag on upper range- David Davids announced to membership that if anyone sees the red flag raised, to come down range to see him as he is working on the range. A problem of accessibility to the upper range was brought up by one of our members. Apparently, a vehicle was granted access to the benches in the past, but with the chain now in place, this is not possible. Handicapped or challenged shooters do not have access to this range. Corrective measures were offered, but funding is questionable. Chris will see if there might possibly be funding in the way of a grant available to alleviate this problem.

New members were introduced.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary