January Newsletter 2016


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December President’s Message

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday and your socks were filled with good items to use at our gun range.  It’s now back to work for another year.

Our monthly Wednesday meeting this past week had a great turnout with many new members.  We discussed committee positions to help with the various ranges.  Our Vice President, Terry Hansen, filled most all of the committee positions with members in attendance.  Thank you for your support!!

From Rod Cross’ Treasurer’s report, he indicated that about 60% of the current membership have paid their yearly dues.  Please do not delay your dues to avoid the deadline where you would be required to pay initial set up fees again.

The Board of Directors will be meeting January 20th, 2016 to discuss a Master Plan for Cedar Hills Gun Club along with a 5 year plan for possible improvements.  It is imperative you mark your calendar for February 3rd and attend the monthly meeting at 7:00 pm to receive updated information discussed there.

It is an exciting time and I look forward to the continued support of our local community and members to not only help improve our range, but to create great memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Until next time-

Jed Taylor



Cedar Hills Gun Club

Minutes of January 6, 2016

The meeting was opened at 7 PM by president Jed Taylor.  Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross,  Chris Jenneiahn, Jeff Blain, Mike Curnutt, Stuart McKim, Larry Taylor, Mike Layng, Ron Weaver,  and  Bill Kelleher.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Rod Cross reported that about 60% of our membership have already renewed their membership.  A reminder that the grace period for renewals is the close of the March meeting.  Rod reported that the annual treasurer’s report will be given at the Board meeting later this month,.  He also asked that anyone having a problem with their membership to contact him, not another board member.

 The annual Board of Directors’ meeting will be held on January 20th, 6PM, at Tommy Vaughn’s.  At this time the Master Plan and 5 Year Plan will be proposed.

 In order to have our ranges in the best shape, committees have been formed.  Terry will be in charge of the committees that will  each have  a chairman and as many people on the committee as the chairman deems necessary.  Chairmen of the committees are invited to the annual board meeting.

 Jed commented that there has been a lot of positive talk about the gun club from business owners in our area.  All feel that this is a great opportunity to have a great gun club and they would like to participate.  As of now, improvements have already started on the upper range.

 The indoor  range has been looked at by knowledgeable people and it is felt that we can perhaps use any center fire on this range.  There will absolutely be no armor piercing ammo allowed!!!    The backstop and bullet traps could handle center fire pistol and .22 rifle shots.  Because this is a private, not public facility, OSHA requirements do not apply.  Before anything is done or allowed, there will need to be an orientation  for anyone wanting to use this range and sign in and sign out sheets to be filled out before usage.  Mike Katseanes will be the lead person on this, but due to the flu, he was unable to come to the meeting to discuss the potential plans for this range.  A good heating system is needed for this range that has a quick recovery.  Radiant heat vs. forced air systems were discussed and will be investigated more thoroughly.

 A concern over vandalism on the ranges was brought up.  A learned person on this topic said it could be deterred simply by installing cameras. 

 New members were introduced and accepted into membership.

 The meeting closed at 7:35

 Respectfully submitted, Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary


Upcoming Calendar events

Jan. 20th Board of Directors Meeting 6pm Tommy Vaughn’s

Feb. 3rd  February Club Meeting  7pm A to Z Gun and Pawn (Downstairs)

Feb. 20th Black Powder Cartridge 9am Upper Range (Weather Permitting)

Every Thursday Evening .22 Silhouette Shoot 6pm Indoor Range