Important message from the Board of Directors

Dear Members:

For the second time in two weeks, one of the sporting clays traps has been damaged by rifle fire from the upper range.  This is in no way accidental!  This is deliberate vandalism.  We are investigating who has been using the range, and if the perpetrator is determined the Board will ban the individual from the club and press any appropriate charges.  Law enforcement has been contacted and a report has been filed.  It is very disheartening to find that we have a member or members (or a guest of a member) that thinks it’s ok or funny to damage a $3000 machine.  Many of these machines have been purchased using the very generous donations from local businesses and club members.  In addition, firing a rifle toward the sporting clays course is an extreme safety hazard.
We have also discovered that some of the silhouettes on the .22 rimfire range have been shot with centerfire rifles.  This ruins the silhouettes!  Please remember that only .22 rimfire is allowed on that range.  There are gongs and other metallic targets on the lower and upper ranges which will stand up to centerfire cartridges.
If you observe any malicious activity by anyone, please do not hesitate to contact a board member.  There is no need for you to confront any individual, but a description of the person and their vehicle would be helpful.  If anyone knows who has damaged the sporting clays traps, please contact a board member, we will keep your information confidential.
Because of this activity the Board has voted to expand our cameras to the upper range.  This will take funds away from other possible projects to improve our range.  We have made a lot of improvements over the last 4 years, and we would like to think that the overall range experience for everyone has been enhanced.  As we travel to other gun clubs, very few clubs offer the variety of opportunities with as nice of facilities as what we have.  Your help in keeping our club to the highest standard is appreciated.

The CHGC Board