February Newsletter 2019

February President’s Message

Just finished our February monthly board of directors and membership meetings tonight.  Now I’m here at home watching the blowing snow.  Many members endured the weather to attend the meetings.  Many thanks to those who braved the elements to attend!  With the melting snow and frost in the ground, large ponds of water, now frozen, can be found throughout the gun range.  Even with these challenges, we are fortunate to have much to enjoy as members.  Many have qualified to shoot in the indoor heated pistol range.  If you have not qualified, refer to the calendar for times to do so.  Typically, they will be done the first Wednesday before and after the monthly membership meeting and also on the third Saturday of the month.  Many other members are enjoying shotgun shooting in the heated 5-stand building throughout the week and evenings while shooting under the lights.

Make sure you mark your calendar to attend the March membership meeting on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM.  This will be a SPECIAL MEETING.  With the help of Dr. Tom Call and Jeremy Johnson, with support from Bingham Memorial Hospital, has put together an extensive first aid kit and an AED system for Cedar Hills Gun Club.  They will be doing some exceptional training that will be beneficial for all concerning these items.  You will not want to miss!!

Also, mark your calendar for February 23, beginning at 9:00 am.  There will be a “FUN SHOOT” at the 5-stand building for all levels of experience.  This shotgun event will have handicap scoring for all type of shotguns used.  Bring your single shot, pump, or whatever you have, and experience the fun.  There will be prizes for all.  The cost is $20 for 50 rounds.  Food will be available.  As a quick reminder, no larger than 7 1/2 shot shells are allowed.

Some additional information on our recent upgrading of the range.
Weather permitting, the upper range improvements on the steps and ramps should be completed soon.  The berms between the lower covered range, .22 silhouette rifle range, and the multipurpose range have been extended to enhance safety.  The multipurpose range will be the focus of range improvement as soon as the weather allows.

Spring is not too far away, but until then, come out and enjoy.

Jed Taylor,

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes
February 6, 2019

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, James Martin, David Davids, Larry Taylor, Jake Black, Randy Shiosaki, Rod Cross, Ron Weaver, and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by president Jed Taylor.

Treasurer’s Report:  James reported to the group that we are in the black.  January income amounted to $13,610 and our expenses were $9,293 for the month.  Our operating costs were about $4300.  All in all, we are fiscally sound!

Old business:
1. Idaho Fish and Game Grant- the upper range should be completed, weather permitting, by the end of this month or at the very latest, early next month.
2. Cipher lock system- Sam King, local locksmith, will install a new mechanism on Friday that will allow easier access to the indoor pistol range.  In order to open the door, swipe your card, then simply push on the door to open.
3. Berm extensions- the berms between the lower covered range, the .22 rifle silhouette range, and the multi-use range have been extended.  Steadman Construction worked for 3 days to complete the work.  It looks great!
A comment (or two+++) was made about the driveway into the range.  Jed remarked that this cannot be repaired at this time of year.  When the weather breaks in the spring, the driveway will once again be leveled.  Someone commented that it would be nice if it were blacktopped.  The cost would be totally prohibited for this as it would cost many more thousands than we could afford.
New business:
1.David Davids reported that the upper range needs to have targets replaced and this will be done shortly, again, as the weather permits.
2.The lower covered range and the.22 silhouette rifle ranges look to be in good order.
3. The Indoor range is running well.  For those who want to gain access, the time before and after the monthly meetings as well as some Saturdays are listed for qualifying.  Please check the web site calendar for information on this.
4.Sporting Clays- There are 8 stations ready for anyone who wants to shoot this course.
5 stand- This is doing well.  Thursday evening shoots start about 5 and go until everyone has had their fill of shooting for the night.  Saturday shooting starts about 10 in the morning and again goes until everyone is finished, which is about 2 or3.  The 5 stand has been seeing lots of use!
6.Calendar- Larry has been keeping the calendar up to date, so check this if you want any information about scheduled events.

A FUN SHOOT will be held on February 23rd in the 5 stand building.  All are welcome to come join in.  There will be prizes for all.  It won’t matter the type of shotgun used, there will be several classifications to accommodate everyone.  The shoot will start at 9AM.  Brauts and hamburgers will be available for lunch which will be served about 11 or 11:30.

Renewal Reminder- All dues must be paid by the meeting in March or there will be an additional $25 fee to renew, so if you’re one of the few who have put off renewing, do so now to avoid the extra.

MARCH- SPECIAL MEETING- All are welcome to the March meeting for an Educational meeting on the trauma, (AED) and first aid kit donated to CHGC.  The  training  will be conducted by Dr. Tom Call and Jeremy Johnson.  There is no charge for this!!  Come and find out how you can help someone if there is a need on the range.
Multi-use range- As you know, this range has been an eye sore and is on our goal for refurbishing this year.  Mickelson Construction has given us a bid for $5,000 to provide gravel, grade and compact this range so it is comparable to the outdoor pistol ranges.  Work should start when the weather gets better.
New members were introduced and Terry gave a short range orientation.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary