February Newsletter 2018

February President’s Message

February is racing by and March is fast approaching. As a quick reminder to those who were members in 2017 and have not yet renewed their membership for 2018, to avoid the additional initiation fee of $25, you need to renew before the March monthly meeting, Wednesday March 7.
Winter has been kind to the range as to snow removal and many have taken advantage of the mild temperatures.
The following areas of the range will receive additional improvements in the near future:
 Lower rifle range will be receiving additional metal targets
 Lighting for the 5 Stand building for night shooting
 Additional improvements on the Upper range and Sporting Clays range
 The bathrooms in the club house will be remodeled to conform to ADA specifications
 A new propane furnace that will be located in the club house
 Additional tables and chairs for the club house
Many of these updates were made possible by private donations, sponsorships, and a large grant
received from the Friends of the NRA.

Thank You,
Jed Taylor, president

Minutes of February 7, 2018

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, Jake Black and Chris Jenneiahn,Terry Hansen, David Davids, Randy Shiosaki, Larry Taylor.

The meeting was opened at 7 PM by president, Jed Taylor.

Treasurer’s Report: The 2018 budget was approved.

Old Business:
The 10 security cameras placed on the range and in the Indoor 5 Stand Building, Clubhouse, and
Indoor range are up and running. We also are pleased that someone from our membership has
stepped up to review the footage whenever we have an incident reported. Two additional cameras
will be placed and activated this next week.
Larry Taylor reported that the calendar is in good shape and will schedule range times when events are scheduled.
A huge THANK YOU to Daryn Acor who worked on cleaning the clubhouse after the major
construction was done to improve our clubhouse. It was greatly appreciated!!
New Business:
NRA Grant- Craig Gates, Friends of the NRA, reported to the membership that the grant the grant
committee applied for was funded. The grant will allow us to purchase and have installed, a propane furnace for the clubhouse, renovate the 2 indoor bathrooms to be in compliance with ADA, and purchase tables and chairs for the clubhouse. Thanks for your help, Craig!!
The grant committee has also applied to Idaho Fish and Game for a grant to fund the building of 4 foot concrete stairs and metal railings to enable easier access to the upper range. As this grant had to be in by Feb. 2nd, it will be a while until we find out if we are going to get this grant.
Jake Black announced that the By-Laws committee has completed the updating of our By-Laws and it is now on our web site for all to read. The acceptance of the By-Laws was put to a vote by the membership and was approved unanimously.
The registered 5 Stand Shoot held on Feb. 3rd had about 25 shooters and the report was that all had a fun time. A winter league will start next year. Remember-the 5 Stand Shooting is open on Saturdays from 10 to 2.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary