February Newsletter 2017

February President’s Message

It has been a snow filled, cold winter. As my dad always said,” Spring is closer now than it was last month.” At least we can hope. With the help of Denton Klinger and his business, and the help of DC Farms, the roads have been open and the parking lot cleared the majority of the time. As a result, winter use of the range has been used and enjoyed. Extra caution needs to be exercised due to ice which has made walking a challenge at times. Remember, until the snow is gone, please enter the pistol range or clubhouse through the west clubhouse entrance.

To help make cleaning more manageable in the indoor pistol range, please remove the targets you use, and either take them home or dispose of them in the dumpster east of the clubhouse. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS SIGN IN AND OUT, and pay for the heat used.

The 5 Stand building continues to increase in participation and has been running, for the most part, very smoothly. We continue to receive positive comments, like how fortunate we are to have such a facility to enjoy in winter months. James Martin, chairman, and those working with him, have worked hard to make it a great experience for those who come to enjoy. We thank all the members for their support and patience as we continue to improve our range.

Thank you,

Jed Taylor



Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes of Feb. 1, 2017

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Jeff Blain, David Davids, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, Mike Layng, Mike Curnutt, Stuart McKim, and Chris Jenneiahn.

A special appreciation gift of a gift card was presented to Rod Cross for all the time, effort, and all round good job he has done for the last several years in keeping our financial records for Cedar Hills Gun Club. We know he spent hours making sure we were given the best he could do to make sure we were fiscally sound. However, Rod decided it was time to step down and let someone else take over this horrendous job. The board of Cedar Hills Gun Club thanks you for all you did. Jace Katseanes will be our new fiscal person starting tomorrow, Feb. 2nd.

Allison Geisler will again head up the annual Membership Bar B Q that was initiated last year. The date to place on your calendars is July 29th, here at CHGC.

Committee Reports:

Upper Rifle Range: Dave said there is lots of snow, but no shooting events due to time of year.

Lower Range: Mike said he has made improvement to the lower range guard rail at 100 yards.

.22 Range: Chuck welcomes anyone who wants to shoot to come on Thursday evening, from 5-8 PM to shoot 50 feet targets in the indoor range. Come and enjoy friendship and good shooting.

Pistol Range- Travis reported that he has new targets to put up when the weather gets warmer.

Indoor Pistol – Mike said this range is being used LOTS!! Please remember to sign in and out and also remember to add your $s for the heat. Mountain West is working on the lighting and power for our range and clubhouse, so there will be some improvements made whenever the grant is approved.

Trap: Bill said the trap range has been snowed out!!!

5 Stand- James welcomed all shotgun shooters to come out on Saturday mornings. Shooting starts at 11 and goes to about 3 in the afternoon. Last Saturday there were 22 shooters!

Calendar: Larry reported that all is up to date. If you want to reserve a time for any range, call him and he will put it on the calendar.

Web- Terry has tried to update the current events, and encourages folks to call or Email him with updates and pictures.

Lawns- Mike reported that we need to get rid of the snow before we think about mowing.

New members were introduced and given a brief orientation by Stuart. Remember, especially at this time of year, it is next to impossible to orientate on the range, so if you see a person on the range who needs some help, please take the time and effort to show what great helpful members we really are!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, secretary