February Newsletter 2016

President’s Message

It has been an exciting time for Cedar Hills Gun Club since the last newsletter. On January 20, 2016, our board of directors, along with committee chairpersons, met to learn about our Master Plan and each year’s goal for the next 5 years. Zac Fillmore created a virtual tour of the range to help visualize how the goals would look when completed. Many thanks need to go to him for his help!

Some of the approved goals were to create additional targets for the upper range at different distances, extending the sporting clays range by adding a station every year, improving the indoor pistol range by installing a heating system for the indoor range (which is being installed as we speak), and installing a mechanical gate with card reader. Some other items in our 5 year goals also include moving the berms at the outdoor pistol range to make 3 ranges instead of one. This will allow a skeet range within the next four years. Another item that has gained a lot of support is the indoor 5 stand building. The construction will begin this summer and will be ready for use this fall/winter. These are just a few activities we have planned for the next 5 years. During our annual meeting a motion was made and approved to accept the 5 year plan and move forward. Exciting times ahead!

Our monthly meeting held February 3rd at A-Z Guns and Pawn had great participation. There was standing room only after all chairs were filled. The Master Plan was presented to members present and a positive discussion was had. Many businesses have been very supportive of the Master Plan and have been willing to contribute financially.

If you plan to use the indoor pistol range or the trap/sporting clays/5 stand in the future, you will need to have an orientation by the chairperson of that range to check out either controllers or gain entrance into the indoor pistol range.

There will be many activities in the coming months where we hope to have good member participation. One activity is the summer BBQ in August. The main part of the meal will be a roasted pig.

There are many activities going on at Cedar Hills Gun Club. Let’s make this range special for all to participate. Thanks for all who remember to pick up any trash or used targets and place them in the dumpster.
Jed Taylor – President

Cedar Hills Gun Club Minutes of February 3, 2016

The meeting was opened at 7 PM by President Jed Taylor. Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Mike Layng, Stuart McKim, Gene Davids, Bill Kelleher, Randy Shiosaki, Jeff Blain, Ron Weaver, and Chris Jenneiahn.

Treasurer’s Report: Rod Cross explained that for the coming year, committee chairmen will fill out income/expense voucher sheets to show where income is from. For example, instead of “shotgun” income, it will identify from which event the income or expense belongs. An envelope will be used stating the event and amount per event. Jed added that this will help determine where the income/expenses are so we can itemize to categories to see where it belongs in the budget. If anyone would like a copy of last year’s budget, contact Rod.

Jed explained that 3 strong boxes will be made and located in 3 areas of the range, one in the clubhouse, one by the trap storage house and one by the hill near the exit. This will allow non members to conveniently pay their $5 range use fee and also allow members to pay dues or committee chairmen to deposit income.

Master Plan: In order to provide sponsors for range improvement proposals, a Master Plan and 5 Year Plan have been devised. Zac Fillmore has created a visual tour of our range to show where the improvements and changes are planned. This was shown at the Board of Directors’ meeting in January and shown tonight when the various committee chairmen gave their reports.

Jed explained that many of the improvements that are going to be made in the next 5 years, were listed in last month’s newsletter. Targets for the upper range are being developed, a solution for duel shooting on upper/lower range has been found, more throwers have been ordered and eventually 15 will be ordered, the 5 stand stands will be made, and the building of the indoor 5 stand range is in progress with Teton Construction coming Monday. The Indoor 5 Stand will be a 16 x 75 foot building with 16 throwers. The problem of how to make glass windows for this has been solved. The building will be financed by Jed having 2 lenders on hand. Doug Sayer requested that his offer of $10-15K per year for the next 5 years be tendered as a grant. This was okayed. Jed explained that the sporting clays throwers and stands will be paid for by charging sponsors $500 for the first year to advertise, and $250 for following years. Jed reported that he has at least 10 companies or organizations that have already committed to sponsor.

Upper Range- Tyson reported that they at Premier Technology are working on developing laydown targets for the 1,000 and 800 yard range.

Lower Range- Mike L. reported that a solution for the problem of not allowing the upper and lower range to be used at the same time has been found. The last three benches on both ranges will be roped off for non use. This will allow shooting on both ranges at the same time. Berms also need to be moved to the west.

.22 Range: Chuck reported that all was okay. Pistol Range: Al reported that the pistol range will be divided into 3 areas. On the west, a 100 yard range allowing for cowboy shooting and the right side will be comprised of 2 250 yard ranges.

Indoor Range: Mike K. reported that center fire shooting with acceptable calibers will be allowed in the indoor range. He explained that the trolly system needs to be eliminated and there will be a fee of $5 per hour for use of the new heating system. Oriented shooters will be given the combination of the locked door and are requested to sign in and out as well as mark down the number of rounds shot. A signed agreement of terms for use of this range is being developed . If anyone has questions about this, call Mike at 785-4006.

Sporting Clays: Bruce reported that additional traps have been ordered from MEC with 3 people on the committee deciding that the traps, $700 each less than our present traps are excellent. Bill Prindle is the local distributer. He is planning on having fun shoots during the summer, from June through September. Only number 7 ½, 8, and 9 shot will be allowed.

Trap: Bill reported that he is okay with the plan to overlay the skeet field over the trap range and also the possible addition of the second trap field in the future. James Martin also okayed this, showing where shot fall would cross in the area north of the pistol range. Access to the trap and sporting clay ranges need to have the combinations changed.

Calendar: Larry reported that all identified events are already on the calendar.

Clubhouse and Media- These positions still need to be filled.

Old Business:
1. May 7th, annual Clubhouse/Range/ Highway Clean-up Day
2. Summer Member Bar-B-Q- Sept. 17th . ( Bruce said he will cook a pig for this if Jed will dig the pit. ) 3. We need to a recycler for the clays boxes in the cage.
4. The Cedar Hills brochure needs serious updating. Kelle Johnson will lead on this project.
5. A Spring event- Feb. 13th a group will be shooting trap.
6. Craig Gates, local rep for the Friends of the NRA reminded people that if we don’t have the NRA helping to keep control of our guns, we will not have them. The Banquet/Auction Fund raiser will be held on May 7th at the Red Lion in Pocatello. He would like help with this event. He also reported that grants are available for organizations and due in October. They will be voted on next January.
7. New members: 7 applications for membership were turned in and those present were given range orientation by a newly formed committee of Mike Layng, Larry Taylor, and Stuart McKim.
8. Gene Davids asked about the extension on the upper range for cleaning black powder guns. We are waiting on plans for this, as the last time this was discussed, the option of a shelter away from the area or the possible extension was still being decided. This will be tabled for the next meeting.
9. Terry asked anyone who had a change of phone or Email address to please send him updates.
10. Mike L. said he needs help moving gongs on the pistol range. Saturday the 13th is the date set.
11. Larry gave an update on former president Vern Hutchens and reported that because of his ankle broken in 3 places, he is out of the hospital and in an assisted care home across the street from his home.

The meeting was closed at 8:38 to be followed by a Board Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary.