February 2015 Newsletter

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President’s Message

We have three things to get ready this month. 1st, the annual meeting will be on Wednesday March 4th at 7:00 P. M. in the basement of A to Z. We elect new board members and officers. It is the your chance to have a voice in the club affairs.

2nd, we are going to be putting a new berm between the .22 silhouette and lower range in the next week or so. Please consult the web site so that you won’t be shut out.

3rd,on Saturday, April 11th we are sponsoring a shoot to help out the “We the People” class at Blackfoot High School. They compete each year in a competition concerning the constitution and have won the state competition for the last eight years in a row. They are raising funds to compete in Washington D.C. in late April. 100% of the proceeds from the shoot will benefit them.

There will be competitions for Men, Women and Youth in Shotgun, pistol and .22 rifle. Each competition will be $25 or all three for $60. Earlybirds can purchase the combo for $50. Youth are half price and will only compete in .22 and shotgun. We will have a prize for the grand prize winner for Men, Women and Youth and individual prizes for each of the .22, pistol and rifle. We will serve lunch and hope to have a good crowd and raise a lot of money to help out the “We the People” kids.

So here’s the deal. We have people to lead at each venue but can use some help the day of the shoot to help our leaders. We are also looking for prizes. We have had some step up and donate guns, knives, ammo and other things. This is very helpful. Anyone that would like to help both with time and prizes, please call me on my cell phone at 680-1646. We are very excited about this and hope it can be an annual event and not only help the kids but also showcase our club.

MINUTES OF FEB. 4, 2015 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president Gordon Wankier at 7 PM. New members were introduced.

Rod Cross reported on the 2 handicap porta potties we need for the range. The cost is $1800 each, unassembled, with a shipping cost of $364. They weigh 350 lbs. each.

They would be shipped from Oregon. We will table this until the March meeting. We need to look into what will be needed as platforms for them and how to secure them to the ground.

The problem of shooting on the upper and lower ranges at the same time was discussed. One possible solution would be to move the .22 range. This could be done by moving the present berm between the pistol and .22 range to between the .22 range and the lower covered range. An approximate of 60 yards of dirt may help solve this problem. It would cost about $95 an hour for a big machine and operator. We will look into this more fully at the next meeting.

Rod Cross requested that we draw up a long term plan for improvements we want to do with the ranges. Possible grant money could be applied for to help with the cost. At the next meeting, a list of major improvements along with estimated costs would be appreciated. We need facts and figures at our next meeting to plan what we will do.

April 11th is our “We the People” shoot at the range. Gordon has suggested a cost of $25 for each of the following: trap, .22 silhouette range, and pistol range. If someone wants to shoot all three, the fee would probably be $60. Possible use of the air range was talked about as well as an Anne Oakley shoot. We will also have the Idaho Fish and Game laser shoot . We need to figure a grand prize winner and also winners for the above shoots. This needs to be a “Fun for All” day.

A Henry Golden Boy will be raffled to help raise money for this group. Nate Satterthwaite will print tickets for us. There will only be 100 tickets printed and they will sell for $20 each. The winner’s name will be drawn on April 11th at the range.

Because of Kelle Johnson stepping down from his position as vice president, Mike Layng will fill this position for one year. We need to place another member on the board. This will be done at the March meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.


 Mar. 4th

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ A to Z Guns in Blackfoot

Mar. 5th

.22LR indoor silhouette shoot at the Clubhouse – 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Mar. 21st

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range(lower closed)

April 1st

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ the Club House