December Newsletter 2019


President’s Message
December 2019

It is my wish to all members during this Christmas season for all to slow down and reflect a moment on how beautiful this fall has been and what a great country we live in.  I may be one of the few, but during a snowstorm, I just enjoy relaxing, reading a book in front of the fire, and watching it snow.  No hurry to get anywhere.  I have been this way since I was a very young kid.

This being my last month as the President of Cedar Hills Gun Club, and during the recent snowstorms, I did reflect on the many memories and friends I have formed.  These last several years has been a wonderful opportunity to serve and help the club to grow.  This growth and improvements could not have been done without the great support of many club members and community businesses.

Whoever the new President will be, I hope I will be there to support him/her as many have been there for me.

Thank you for the memories.

Jed Taylor

Minutes of  Dec. 4th Member Meeting

Board members present: Jed Taylor, James Martin, Ron Weaver, David Davids, Larry Taylor, Jake Black, Mike Marquette, and Chris Jenneiahn

The meeting was opened at 7PM by president Jed Taylor.

The cypher lock problem was first discussed.  Jed explained that the installer will come again to repair the lock.  The problem is caused by pushing on the button so hard that it breaks.  So, when this is once again repaired, members who are qualified to use this range are asked to push gently so we don’t have this problem again.

The upper range is now completed except for the pole and cameras to be installed.  Comments were made about how the access is now lots easier, especially when carrying multiple items.

The 5 stand is open on Thursday evenings from about 5 or 6 until all are either out of shells or too tired to shoot any more. Saturday mornings from 10 am until all are done, is the other time slot for fun on this range. The  Sporting Clays full course is finished for the year, but there is a short course still on the range for anyone who wants to shoot this course.  The cost of a round of 25 birds is $7 for members and $8 for non-members.  You can also buy more targets from the machine in the 5 stand building for appropriate costs.

GREAT NEWS- The board has approved the purchase of a new container that will allow us to buy a full load of targets rather than the half load we have been purchasing.  This will allow easier access to stacking the clays as well as eliminating a charge for delivery.

Membership question- A member asked about the use of his card by a spouse when the member cannot be present.  The board felt that if this were allowed, it would open up liability issues.  So, the consensus was that two memberships granting 2 gate passes would alleviate this problem.

Treasurer’s Report- James reported that we are doing well with all bills paid, including our NRA liability insurance.  Our larger insurance bill is not due until next year.  He announced that we will be purchasing a container for targets for shotgun and this will be a hefty cost.  The shotguners have had several raffles, matches, and events to raise money for this for the past few years.  James also reported that the state has notified him that we will now have to report quarterly, not annually our tax monies.  All in all, James announced that we are doing well!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, secretary

Note of Mention: Due to Jan 1st falling on the first Wed, we will postpone the January meeting until the second Wednesday, Jan. 8th.