December Newsletter 2016

December President’s Message

It is a wonderful time of the year with Christmas and New Year’s Day just around the corner. There is a lot going on in all our lives. During this time, I have met several members out at the gun club who just needed to get away. What a great place to go and unwind. I was one of those individuals who needed to just unwind the other day. It was snowing and everything was white. I had just had to pause and enjoy the beauty of the snow coming down. No one else was there and I just did not want to leave. I thought to myself how fortunate we are to have such a range in such a private place. With the heated indoor pistol range and the new 5-stand building, we can continue our passion to shoot in comfort during the long winter days. The 5-stand building is virtually completed and ready for use. All interested members should contact me or chairman, James Martin for details on when and how to use this range. With the Christmas season, do not forget memberships for family and friends. Many individuals have contacted me to see if it would be possible to purchase memberships for family or friends as a Christmas gift. What a great idea! I wish all a great Christmas and Holiday Season. Enjoy our range and be safe.
Jed Taylor President

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of Dec. 7, 2016
Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, Mike Layng, Stuart McKim, and Chris Jenneiahn.
Treasurer’s Report: Rod Cross distributed the expense and income sheet for November. We are in pretty good shape. We had $38,550 donated to the gun club this year!!!!
Committee Reports: Upper Range- David Davids reported that he hauled dirt for two days from Dennis Levitt’s to fill a crevice in the upper range so replacing targets would be easier. Thanks, Dave!!! Lower Range- Mike Layng reported that much work has been done, including replacing 4 gongs, filling a hole in front of the lower range and organizing the target shed. Thanks, Mike!!! .22 Range- Chuck Mcabrey reported that the winter league last night had 11 shooters. Shooting will start about 5 and usually finishes about 8. All are welcome to join!!! Indoor 5 Stand- Jake Black reported for James Martin that this range will now be open on Saturdays from 11 to 3 or 4. There are 16 throwers and two courses of fire, a challenging course and one that is a bit easier. Come see what a spectacular range this is!! Calendar-Larry reported that he is keeping everything current.
New Business: 1. Jed commented that we need an end of the year board meeting to be scheduled. We also need a budget committee. If any board member would like to be included, please contact Jed. 2. Mike Katseanes commented that a work group is needed to replace and repair the back stops and do maintenance in the indoor range. He is encouraging Chuck to ask the .22 shooters to help with this project. 3. New members were introduced and Stuart took them to the clubhouse for orientation. 4. A fairly pricy book was left on the range a while ago. If this is yours, you may claim it at A-Z Guns in Blackfoot by identifying the item.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:25
Respectfully submitted, Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary