The next member meeting will be held at 7 pm, on February 2nd.

January Newsletter 2022

Welcome to 2022! As of January 5th , the club has approximately 830 members on the books, about 100 more than we had at this time last year, but not everyone has renewed. If you haven’t already done so, please renew as soon as possible. Remember if you don’t renew before the March meeting, you […]

December Newsletter 2021

Dear Cedar hills Gun Club members, The club remains in good financial condition.  November was an expensive month with several larger bills coming due.  Thankfully they were all budgeted and within expectations.  If you haven’t done so yet, I would encourage you to check out the new cover at the 22-silhouette range.  It was a […]

October Newsletter 2021

Dear Cedar hills Gun club Members, We had a good turnout for this month’s club meeting and I want to pass on a few things of interest. The club continues in good financial condition and we have begun the process to set the budget for next year.  If you have ideas or requests for upgrades […]

September Newsletter 2021

Dear CHGC members, We had a good meeting Wednesday September 1st, and here is a recap for everyone who couldn’t make it: August was an expensive month for us as several bills came due. These included materials to upgrade the indoor pistol range, repairs for the clubhouse, and a truckload of clay targets for the […]

May Newsletter 2021

Dear Cedar Hills Gun Club members, On May 5th we had our regular monthly meeting with a good turnout and a good discussion.  Read on to find out the latest club news and announcements. On May 15, the indoor pistol range will close for repairs.  The needed repairs are extensive and we expect the indoor […]

November Newsletter 2020

Dear Cedar Hills Gun Club members, Even though our regular membership meeting was cancelled this month, the board of directors did meet and I want to inform you all of the business conducted:  While the upgrades planned for the indoor pistol range are delayed, the range has been returned to service.  As a […]

August Newsletter 2020

Dear Cedar Hills Gun Club Members, Even though we decided to cancel our August members’ meeting, the board of directors still had a virtual meeting Wednesday night to conduct some necessary business and I wanted to update the membership on the outcome: The club is in good financial condition and membership is increasing. Due to […]

January Newsletter 2020

Cedar Hills Gun Club meeting January 8, 2020Board members present: Terry Hansen, James Martin, Bill Kelleher, Ron Weaver, David Davids, Mike Curnutt, Mark Cinense, Larry Taylor, and Chris Jenneiahn.The meeting was opened by Terry Hansen at 7 PM. Terry gave an overview of the necessity for members of Cedar Hills Gun Club to step up […]

December Newsletter 2019

  President’s Message December 2019 It is my wish to all members during this Christmas season for all to slow down and reflect a moment on how beautiful this fall has been and what a great country we live in.  I may be one of the few, but during a snowstorm, I just enjoy relaxing, […]

November Newsletter 2019

President’s Message We have gone from fall to winter, then back to fall again, within a short time in November.  It will be interesting to see what this winter will bring to us.  But that is one of the things we love about our great state of Idaho. There has been much discussion concerning what […]